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    SSL and mark/icon


    i want to use SSL for my website,

    and i hope i can put a mark/icon on my website to tell the clients it is safe,

    i want to ask which cheap SSL Certificate support it ?


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    You can use SSL 123 certificate from You can use their trusted site seal to show your clients that the site is protected. Check

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    In your server
    We use the globalsign certs, i know that their Alpha SSL is very cheap and comes with a site seal as well
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    Quote Originally Posted by [IT&VoIP] Mark View Post
    We use the globalsign certs, i know that their Alpha SSL is very cheap and comes with a site seal as well
    do you mean ?


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    I use, it is, well, free, the only issue is: some browsers (IE6) doesn't include the CA by default, but firefox include it, and I believe IE8 also have it.... well, it was free, so I decided to give it a try!, this far: I have no complaints (almost all of my clients already use firefox instead of IE).

    I hope this helps,

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    RapidSSL provides cheap SSL certs starting from $19.99, check Before going for cheap SSLs make sure that the SSL is not self signed certificate. Most of the SSL providers for $9.99 are self signed ssl providers
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    We are using thawte SSL123. We pay it for $24/year. It provides free thawte Trusted Site Seal.
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    920 $9.99 for Rapid SSL
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    Quote Originally Posted by GORF View Post
    Second the RapidSSL certs, they work great

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    I, too prefer the Thawte SSL 123, for the recognition associated with the Thawte name.

    I've been getting them from Dotster, for I believe $35, so I'm curious where they are $24?

    Both are a good price, considering Thawte direct charges $149!

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    Site seals were one of the best marketing and one of the worst security decisions ever made.

    If the browser has a padlock in the url bar, it's ssl encrypted. It took security experts years to teach users to look for it and to recognize it.

    A "picture" or seal or whatever doesn't mean the site is secure but it does market the certificate 'brand' to perspective buyers.

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    i have no idea about it

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    I'm using the Rapid SSl Cert from Namescheap which is free with any purchase or transfer for a year. Works well as a shared certificate to offer your customers as a basic solution and then you can offer them the real deal when they need it.

    You get the relevant logos and seals from Comodo's website.

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