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Thread: gogax down

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    gogax down

    We started to utilize some services from for less then a month and thus far today we've had our server offline for the better part of 3 hours.

    We contacted Gogax in between the periods of time their website was up and was told our server was up 'now'.

    We asked for them to clarify that it was an issue assuming it could of been something in the backbones but apparently it was and is on their side.

    Their website along with our server has been down/up for quite a bit.

    The released an email saying they would have a 3-4 hour window starting 15 minutes ago but these problems have been going on alot longer then that.

    They claim to have thousands of clients, not sure why nobody hasn't mentioned them being dead.

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    This was a planned maintenance done on the network. We did email all customers regarding the planned maintenance and it happened overnight. Everything came back to normal after the maintenance as expected.

    This is the first maintenance we have in 7 years which affects the network connectivity. Everything will remain as it is now as the major network upgrades were done and it should permanently stay like that.


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    I have to disagree. It was not planned until after your network became unreachable.

    You have opted to compensate us and im happy with the resolution but this was not planned.

    More then happy to show you our monitoring reports to backup our side.

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