I am posting a portion of my cover letter below. I am now seeking employment with a minimum 3k/month salary. If you would like the full cover letter and resume please email me at the email address you can find at the following link: http://img390.imageshack.us/img390/1574/1382960999.png

My experience gives me a great deal of knowledge in working with cPanel based hosting companies, on all types of hosting services. While my talent allows me to do a multitude of work, I would be more then happy working as a customer service or support technician.

I am currently seeking a position in the hosting industry. Since an early age I have self-taught and involved myself in the adventures of running an online business. I created and grew several Web Hosting companies. I was essential in building, marketing and supporting these companies. In a period of 3 years my last company generated over one million dollars in revenue on an annual basis. However due to some errors in the way the business was registered, it was unfortunately stolen and I no longer have ownership of the company. Thus I am looking for another terms of employment in which I can bring my knowledge over to benefit another company.

My previous experience in running a company has given me the experience required in running a business. I have excellent customer service skills in working with clients. I have worked in high stress environments with an excessive amount of work load. My experience easily gives me the ability to develop, optimize and market any companies online presence. I have hired, fired and managed staff members on a recurring basis.

My customer service experience is mostly in the form of Ticket (Email) and Phone calls. I handled the Sales, Billing and occasional Support call. Any clients who were irrate or requested a supervisor were passed on to me where I de-escalated the situation.

My web designer experience involves self-taught knowledge I learned through e-books, tutorials and working on my own. I have developed websites for many people, using both CMS (Content Management Systems) in addition to custom scripts to plain HTML web designs. My primary tool for web design is Dreamweaver and Notepad++ while my graphic design utilizes Photoshop and Fireworks.

My marketing experience involves my ability to market an online company through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in addition to Guerilla Marketing and general online marketing, involving forums, directories and PPC campaigns. I successfully optimized websites to appear on the first page for several search terms for multiple websites. My ability to determine keywords, page description and inbound links leads to a high success rank in SEO. Otherwise I have run many PPC campaigns involving Google Adsense and Adbrite where both campaigns were monitored for conversion rates and slightly improved on. Another primary means of marketing involved creating advertisements, posting in forums and submitting websites to online directories. I have also managed company Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.