Hi all,

Here's the deal. I've started building a web service that I think has some real potential. It's certainly unique, I believe it would have a large target audience, and I think many people would like what it provides. I don't, however, know much about marketing and all that shtuff. I launched ScreenTunes (www.screentunes.com) a while back and it has had some pretty good success, but I didn't really put a dime into publicizing it. I could turn around and try again with ScreenTunes but I like this new idea even more, so I'm going to try to get it right the first time on this go 'round.

Unfortunately, I don't want to post the idea/site publicly where someone could come along and say "Wowzers, what a splendid idea! Ima steal it!". At the same time I don't want to deal with with NDAs and a real marketing company just yet if I don't have to. So if any of you are interested in perhaps helping me promote this in the future, or just want to lend some kind critiques, please PM me and I'll show you what I have if you seem like a trustworthy person.

Sorry for being so vague - the service would be a charity type of gig, but the sleek part is that the users don't really have to donate any money... they just go on doing what they normally do and we'd donate a little bit here and there for them, at no cost to the user. I realize that really doesn't explain anything, but hopefully it has piqued your curiosity.

I'm looking for help with:
- Deciding what the service should focus on, and how it should work
- Website design (I have something already, but maybe everyone will think it's fugly)
- How to "brand" it... basically what kind of face I should put on the service
- How much it might cost to get some solid marketing/promotion

Thanks in advance to anyone who decides to help me out, I'll try to find a way to repay you in the future if this service gets off the ground! And sorry about being so mysterious about it. Theres a good chance I'll end up just saying "screw it" and taking my chances and posting it for everyone to see... but I don't want to do that just yet.

Thanks again,