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    Arrow Seeking highly experienced CMS developer

    I am seeking a developer with a lot of experience in CMS (content management system) development. In particular, this person should have experience making WHMCS compatible with the CMS. Since the billing/support system requirement is fulfilled by WHMCS, I may require plug-ins to be developed so that everything is accessible via WHMCS (the admin control panel that WHMCS has will be the default admin control panel, unless plug-ins would not be compatible with WHMCS).

    The CMS will apply to a job market and a variety of templates that will output a lot of the content that users input from their control panels when they register.

    I already have the entire website designed and coded. All that is missing is the functional development. I am keeping the website private for now, however once I see your portfolio and approve the quality of work I will share what I have already developed with you so that we can appropriately judge the scope of the project.

    Please reply to this thread (not PM) with past examples of your CMS work. You MUST be able to speak English fluently and chat via AIM or MSN. It is clear to me efficiency depends on communication and you must be available nearly 24/7, regardless of the day! This project must be completed within 2-4 weeks so I am seeking someone who can manage their time strictly and provide results professionally.
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