The CLOUD 100 campaign just got better!

As a campaign promotion, Right Servers is offering discounts on all VPS solutions for the life of the account. That’s not enough? We MUST GAIN 100 NEW CLIENTS ON OUR PUBLIC CLOUD! This means we HAVE to sign 100 new clients by October 20, 2009, which results in HUGE savings to you! Just contact our sales department and work out the best package that money can buy!

Take advantage of bonuses!
FREE cPanel on all VPS packages
FREE Migration from your old host to our cloud
FREE Management on all VPS packages
FREE Monitoring on all cloud packages
Take 25% off of your first payment!

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VPS X1 – Our best seller!


• CentOS or Ubuntu Operating System
• Up to 1 CPU Cores
• 512 MB Guaranteed RAM - Free upgrade to 768 MB!
• 50GB High-Availability Disk Space
• 1,000GB Monthly Transfer (Premium Bandwidth)
• 2 IPs
• WHM/cPanel
• Fully managed: Limited to the remainder of this promotion only - Contact sales today!
• Free Migration: We will make sure everything is up and running as it should be!
• $39 Monthly Fee, $0 Setup - Take an additional 25% off for your first month!


Ditch your traditional dedicated server and get on the cloud. The cloud is hosted on 3tera’s AppLogic operating system ( filled with many features that your business needs.

Why on a cloud?

Additional Layer of Reliability and Redundancy with the real time mirroring across multiple servers, which allows the system to reboot the applications onto another server in case of any hardware failure. This is automatically detected and rebooted within minutes and with zero data loss.

Virtual Appliances allow you to finally get the proper infrastructure without the highly depreciating value of hardware. The grid allows us to assemble switches, firewalls and load balancers virtually without the initial cost and take it apart just as fast. This allows you to test out your infrastructure and modify it until you reach your optimal performance levels.

Virtual LAMP Clusters are available at competitive rates compared to the competition and are also valid in this promotion. Whether you’re looking for multiple database servers, mail servers, file servers or just plain web servers, this would be the ideal redundant solution for you. Of course, this is all hosted in an already redundant environment, which gives you the highest availability offered out there!

Scalability is provided on-the-fly with a simple reboot! Don’t go out there purchasing big servers in preparation of future needs when you can pay for only what you need now and increase it in the future. You can add or subtract bandwidth usage, RAM, CPU and HD space. You can start with a fraction of a CPU and under a GB of ram and scale it all the way to 8 CPUs with 8 GB of RAM. Save your money and invest it back in some revenue generating activities.

What kind of hardware is the cloud comprised of?

The cloud currently operates on Dell hardware with the
minimum configuration of:

• Dual Intel Xeon 5410 Quad core CPUs (12 MB Cache per CPU)
• Minimum of 8 GB DDR2 ECC RAM
• Multiple hot swappable SATA-II Hard drives.
• 100 Mbps port

Please Note: None of the nodes are overloaded as AppLogic does not allow you to oversell your resources. You can view more details about the system here:

Where is the cloud located?

The cloud is located in Dallas, TX at Colo4dallas facility. It is hosted on the premium bandwidth mix consisting of four tier 1 providers - Level(3), Time Warner, AboveNet and Internap.

The network offers the redundancy of BGP enhanced by Internap's 5200 flow control platform (FCP). This multicarrier intelligent routing appliance identifies the absolute fastest route across Internet backbones, improving performance 15 to 25 percent.

>> You can take a look at the VPS packages here: and the

>> LAMP Cluster packages here:

>> You can view a sample of the applications that are offered on the grid here:

Please also note: This campaign ends on Friday, October 20, 2009 at midnight.

Why Right Servers?

We are the right choice! We take time to customize every one of our package to the needs of our clients. We make an extended effort to accomplish the right solution for each client and optimize their server's performance and maximize satisfaction. This is all backed up with our 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! So don't take a risk with another host, try out the Right Servers cloud today and never look back!

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