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    email, and 2 servers

    good day;
    i hope one of you guys can give me a hand. I run a cpanel server, lets call it coffman for the time being. I have all my name server set to:
    I am running this on a "Centos" 5.3 system with cpanel.
    I also have a vps, also known as a "3linode". We will call it "communication". I have had to reboot my web server, and can not have even that five minutes down off email. I am curious:
    a: i have on "communication" "Debian"
    b. I want to be able to keep the "" on the main "centos"5.3 system.
    c: I however, want all mail sent to an moved to the "Debian" system.
    d: I also have staff members, and at some point, i hope to host a few things on the Debian system, so will then want to have the ability to set for example, to go to the Debian system.
    Is this doable? Please, let me know if you don't understand what i'm looking for.

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    From what I understand what you want is;

    1) Keep web site on coffman.
    2) coffman also acts as DNS server for
    3) Even if coffman is rebooted for 5 seconds you do not want to loose emails so you want the emails.
    4) all mails should go to communication.
    4) should also go to communication.

    If that is the case what you can do is create the in communication as well and point MX records for to communication server. Do the same for sub domain and then all the mails come to and will go to communication and even if coffman goes down you will not lose emails.

    However if you reboot communication then you will lose emails. Additionally if coffman is the only DNS server then also you may lose emails during the reboot because DNS will be down for during the reboot.

    From what I can see you have several options here.

    1) Use your domain registrar's DNS servers.
    2) Use the web hosting company's name servers they may be able to white label them for you.
    3) Configure communication as a secondary DNS server and make sure each domain name is given both servers as name servers.

    Above three will make sure you are going to receive emails to communication even if the coffman is down. However to get emails if communication is down then you can;

    1) If email accounts are less than 50 for all (including etc...) sign up for google apps standard edition and use their email service.

    2) If emails accounts are more than 50 signup for dedicated email service like rackspace email (US$1 / mailbox / month).

    Then even if both your servers go down you'll get emails (however communication will not handle emails at this point).

    Hope this helps.

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    if i went with what you gave as option 3:
    3) Configure communication as a secondary DNS server and make sure each domain name is given both servers as name servers.

    how would i do this? I ask this being i am only running cpanel on the coffman server, Please advise if you would. Step-by-Step directions for me if you would. If possible, i will never have both servers off line, so i think 3 should/would be the best option. These servers are hosted in 2 different data centers, so i should *should* be good.

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    I am not sure how cpanel handles DNS at the backend so it is difficult to give a direct answer.

    In the archive section of control panels I found "".

    I think it is better to do some search in control panel section and post a question there...

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    thanks so what would i ask them? I am just curious. This is the first time i've tackled something like this.

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    You might also try the technical forum here and the tutorials section.
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    thanks i'll ask some other people for ideas also. Likewise, if anyone else has any ideas, please do post this thred.

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