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    Recommendation Thread

    Hello all,

    I need help in finding a decent host and domain name registration. So far, I have narrowed my choices to 5 hosting company and 1 company to register the domain (though I am not sure if it is the best way yet).

    Let me begin by saying that the site is going to be small and the amount of traffic it will receive is not huge and mostly will come from one state in the USA. I am going to be designing the site using a CMS (Joomla or Drupal). cPanel is required and my budget is actually limited to something between $5 and $15 per month. There is also no need for an e-mail service as I will be using Google Apps for that. Lastly, I just need to find a host that is almost problem-free.

    From these requirements, they don't narrow my choices down. So I narrowed it to 5 based on my gut feelings:
    1) Hostgator
    2) A Small Orange
    3) Syn Hosting
    4) Its Just Hosting (fairly new and came across it from this forum) ... no reviews found
    5) IGX Host (Fairly new and came across it from this forum as well)

    Of all these 5 hosting companies, who has the best service and customer support? (I choose the last 2, even though they are fairly new, they offer LiteSpeed servers but I am not sure if I really need it)

    As for domain name registration, since I am going to be using Google Apps for my e-mail service, has anybody have any experience with registering with Google directly (They use GoDaddy or eNom)?

    Or should I stick with GoDaddy directly?

    Thank you for your help in advance!


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    Hey Mike,
    I just wanted to point out I've been with ItsJustHosting for a bit now ( and it's been a great experience.
    The server is extremely fast, there are many scripts in the cPanel that come useful and the support is amazing.

    I truly recommend ItsJustHosting.

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    Hostgator are a great company they really do look after and care about there clients and sites

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    If godaddy is working for you for domain registration there's not need to change that. About the hosts, how much is "small"? for some people that would be 10 GB while for some others 20 MB.
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    If I may suggest an other host, have a look at DowntownHost.Com
    They have been The Best so far I have ever used. (Jedito and his teams rock)

    Godaddy is great but I dont like their Interface. (Too slow)
    NameCheap has been great for me. Their support is top class. (Live chat is handy most of the times)
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    +1 Hostgator.

    I had an excellent experience with them, I have not had much experience with the others so cannot give any input on Support or Speed.
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    Google Apps would make a fine e-mail service for you, very reliable and it's free. For domain registration, you probably can't go wrong with GoDaddy. I would try to stay away from their web hosting services though as I've seen a number of negative reviews on them. Otherwise, your budget seems to be high enough to get you what you'll need for your website and it's growth in the future.

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    I agree to Jon
    All you need is domain name.

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    Your budget seems to be enough for the requirements you have given. For domain registration Enom will be a good choice.

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    Or should I stick with GoDaddy directly?
    You are better off using some other host as performance isn't what it really should be. They can be fine as a registrar (at least they were for me), though some horror stories can be found.

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    I think IGXHost would be a good home for your sites and domain. Dont hold domains and hosting files in the same place. Use a domain Registrar like There are coupons out for NameCheap and you get free SSL and whois protection.

    +1 IGXHOST

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    Well I will not suggest you to register your domain with Google since they are not a proper registrar. Avoid GoDaddy if possible as they have a horrible domain control panel.

    The best domain registrar with reasonable pricing and simple interface that I can recommend is NameCheap.
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    I would recommend you HostGator for hosting and GoDaddy for domains. My advice is to keep domains and hosting separately.

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    Well, I'm not an advocate of GoDaddy and honestly I do not like their marketing approach, but they can not be classified as "not proper". I use to partner other registrars I like more, but when it comes to a site owner who want to get shared hosting and to register their domain on their own account with domain registrar GoDaddy works fine, even if the boom the customer's account area with too many ads. Let's not forget that they were one of the first registrars that introduced an advanced and easy to use account management area (CRM).
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    I use HostGator for my Apache site and it's great.

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    So MaloneM
    Have you decided your host ?
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    You can't go wrong with google aps, a truly great free service! I don't particularly care for the way godaddy handles its dns zone administration, because of this I would go with

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    Here are my suggestion based on my own experience

    Pair Networks
    Future Quest

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