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    * Use Windows XP Server/PC to daily backup reseller account ?

    Hi there,

    I have a Windows XP PC / Server here at home, which is on 24/7.
    Instead of paying to get my reseller account backup daily with rsync to an offsite provider, I want to try and setup automatic daily backups on this Windows Xp Pc.
    My question is, how do I do this and with which software ?
    My reseller account has cPanel and ofcourse WHM. I don't host that much sites, I believe a total of max 2GB of data.
    My internet connection at home is fast enough to handle this (12Mbit Download, upload doesn't matter in this case...).
    I want to make this backups just in case something goes baaaddlyy wrong at my hosting provider.

    Thanks !!

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    You could simply use a batch script for ftp backup.

    ncftp is one tool you can use to construct a batch script
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    Thanks for your reply !
    Will databases (and mail) be backed up too then ?
    I found this promising script, which seems to do exactly what I want:
    However, now I need to setup my computer as a FTP server am I right or can do this with other tools too ?

    Thanks !

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