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    Arrow MAILSTRAINER - Protect your whole network from Spam and Malware from $30/mo

    Subject: [MailStrainer] Stop up to 99.9% of Spam before it reaches your server - free trial, bulk per domain/server pricing now available

    If you operate a shared hosting server, you know that SPAM is becoming a serious issue and requires constant attention and maintenence to filtering rules and various filtering technologies. Dictionary attacks and floods of botnet spam can slow sites down to a crawl and crash your servers, especially in the case of VPS or Virtual Hosting.

    After years of operation in the FastServ production environment, we are now offering Mail Strainer technology in bulk pricing for email and web hosting providers. Mail Strainer is the result of years of development and feedback from our valued web hosting customers.

    Many users have reported MailStrainer systems to be as or more effective and easier to use than well-known products such as Barracuda, Mailfoundry, ect. Our technology is very similar to these products with the exception that we have developed our product to be more flexible, easier to use, more effective and scalable, and above all, CHEAPER than most if not all other products on the market.


    Is MailStrainer a good fit for your organization?

    * Is SPAM scanning and other email processes are causing heavy load on your servers?
    * Are users are complaining of too much spam?
    * Would you like a single web/email based quaranteen interface available to cache and confirm SPAM/non-SPAM?
    * Do you manage multiple servers and would like a single, common SPAM filter gateway and web interface for you and your clients?
    * Are other SPAM filtering services too expensive or not meeting your needs?


    MailStrainer Web and email quarantine features:

    * Server administrator or end users can manage mail queues either per-account or via a domain wide SuperUser queue.
    * Recipient verification scans mail only for valid users and automatically rejects mail for invalid users on your webservers
    * Automatically sends email digests of spam queue with clickable 'release' or 'resend' links -- users NEVER have to log into a web interface to rescue/confirm mail if they don't want to.
    * Re-send mail to your inbox you either missed or accidentally deleted -- both SPAM and non-SPAM are saved in quarantine and can be released or resent for up to one week.
    * Secure SSL encrypted web access for added security
    * Brandable web interface URL (for example,
    * Also functions as a Backup MX (mail is held even if your server is offline)


    MailStrainer Filtering technology features:

    * Reduce server load and memory usage significantly -- only clean mail reaches your server
    * No custom configuration needed on your servers - only change your MX records
    * Over 2500 SpamAssassin rules, updated twice daily
    * Over 10 score-based RBL's including several commercial, non-free RBLs
    * Policy engine blocks dictionary and all other types of email DOS attacks
    * Botnet tracking blocks SPAM and VIRUS attacks from known botnets
    * Virus definitions updated hourly
    * Baysian filters learn from your confirmed SPAM and non-SPAM
    * Confirmed SPAM automatically reported to Razor, Pyzor, and SpamCop
    * 98% - 99.9% guaranteed effectiveness with VERY FEW false positives
    * ALL mail is saved and retreivable for up to one week - both SPAM and non-SPAM
    * Scalable infrastructure -- Physically separate database, mx, scanning, and webserver engines.



    The following special pricing is valid for the time you remain a customer and will never expire or go up. Act fast before this amazing pricing expires. Contact us for a free, no-obligation trial and consultation - we are sure you will not be dissapointed!

    Per Domain pricing (unlimited servers/MX hosts):
    $1.00 per domain, per month (10 domain minimum)

    Per server, up to 300 domains (Cpanel, DA, Plesk, ect):
    Includes free assistance in configuring your MX records

    Multiple servers:
    Contact us for discounted pricing

    Dedicated, managed filtering appliance (located on either your network or ours):
    Contact us with your requirements for special pricing

    Fast Serv Networks, LLC | AS29889 | Fully Managed Cloud, Streaming, Dedicated Servers, Colo by-the-U
    Since 2003 - Ashburn VA + San Diego CA Datacenters

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    Hi. Do you have any manual or screen shot from the control panel for this service.

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