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    12 sites for sale
    new site at enom, great looking wordpress theme of course made for SEO. Name is one of those names that look bad, but great 5 letter .com that makes great sense and easy to remember, I'm first. $25 (go daddy)
    very nice SEO site, based on wordpress as well with many tools. $30
    name is at godaddy (files will be sent on this one) (go daddy)
    This domain is really good, and perfect for a directory. enom and $25 (go daddy)
    very good name very nice looking directory, godaddy and $25
    great looking directory. Easy to remember name. $35
    directory clean, $25
    perfect name for the product, the product is turnkey, but if it catches on you have the perfect name. $22
    good name for find free themes $22
    guess what the site sells? $27
    7 good videos for newbies. $25
    good name for the product, good niche, $25
    catchy name, article directory $25

    All sites are new and turnkey in both ways, not orginal, but ready to go. Sites have not been promoted and are new so assume no traffic (though did post directories). Names are at where noted) names and pushes are free and all names are new. Hosting is not included but will have time to move to your hosting.

    After paypal payment will push domain and send website access info.

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    I am interested in following 2 sites.
    PM me your Paypal address.
    *** Buy Windows & HELM CP Clients ... any time for a good price ! ***
    Send all details at vaibhav2910 [@]

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    Payment sent through Paypal. Pls check and confirm.

    Also arrange to send me the complete details, websites, sources, scripts, etc. ASAP.

    Thanks & Regards,
    *** Buy Windows & HELM CP Clients ... any time for a good price ! ***
    Send all details at vaibhav2910 [@]

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