Litespeed webserver + 24GB ram + Shoutcast Free + 50% off + 8core server start at 2$


CPU:Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5410 @ 2.27GHz

Number Of CPU(s): 8

Speed: 2261.084MHz

Server located in GIGENET DC

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Free Setup (upon valid payment)
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99.9% Uptime Guarantee
PHP 4/5 and MySQL 5
cPanel 11.24 Accelerated
Apache 2.2.x with mod_deflate
DDoS Firewall Protection
Innodb supported
GD Fully Supported
Ruby on Rails + Gems + Mongrel
E-mail Spam Filter
Free account transfer!

Ya it true we offer FFMPEG hosting at free of cost

Free-FFMPEG in all Shared server plans

Following has been installed in server

FFMPEG, FFMPEG-PHP, Libogg, FLV2Tool, Mplayer, Mencode, Lame


Shoutcast is free on all account on request,we use WHMsonic with autoDJ


* PHP 5 / MySQL 5: Yes
* cPanel & 24/7 Support
* Monthly Transfer: 100 GB
* Total Disk Space: 10GB
* Cost 2$

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* PHP 5 / MySQL 5: Yes
* cPanel & 24/7 Support
* Monthly Transfer: 250 GB
* Total Disk Space: 30GB
* Cost 4$

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* PHP 5 / MySQL 5: Yes
* cPanel & 24/7 Support
* Monthly Transfer: 500 GB
* Total Disk Space: 100GB
* Cost 7$

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Network Providers: Level3, AT&T, Cable&Wireless, Internap, Savvis, and UUNET (MCI).