Ceaser Hosting offers both DirectAdmin and Cpanel shared hosting environments at sensible prices. There are no "unlimited" offers and we don't charge customers less than what it would cost us to purchase bandwidth.
We don't oversell our servers: you can always use 100% of the disk space and 100% of the bandwidth that you have paid for.
See http://www.ceaserhosting.com/overselling.php for more information on our no overselling policy!

Every 1 of our plans comes with free Softaculous so you can install any of over 100 scripts with 1 click. Softaculous will track each of your installs so you always know what you have installed and you can remove it with just 1 more click. From Blogs to Forums to Online Games; Softaculous lets you have it all!

As well as Softaculous, all our plans come with the following features as standard:

  • All server software (Apache/PHP/Softaculous/Cpanel/DirectAdmin) is kept completely up to date;
  • PHP Safemode is off with ionCube enabled;
  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee;
  • Free instant setup (once initial payment has been made);
  • Unlimited email addresses and sub-domains;
  • Spamassassin;
  • Australian hours of support; And
  • Discounts for quarterly, half-yearly and yearly payments.

Since this is the shared host offers forum, we have 2 offers for you!
First, we are offering $2.00 off our Basic plan for the first month. That means you get 5GB disk space and 15GB bandwidth for only $1.95! At the normal price of $3.95 it's great value but $1.95 is insane! (Coupon: 195Basic)

Second, we are offering our advanced plan with 10GB space and 30GB bandwidth for $4.95 for the first month! You can't go wrong! (Coupon: 495Advanced)

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