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    Question Do you prefer VPS or shared account for reselling?

    Just curious about it, VPS are surely more expensive on average then shared accounts but they also have many advantages.

    What's your opinion about it?

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    You'll have more control over the hosting environment with a VPS. However, if you're a start-up provider then it's probably best to start off with a reliable reseller provider to cut down on overhead costs.

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    If you know how to manage a VPS, then i'd go for a VPS any day because you have full control on what to install & fix. What happens if a customer requests a PHP module to be installed and you are on reseller hosting?

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    That's correct. You will have fairly large amount of flexibility to configure your hosting environment with a VPS. However, as mentioned above, you should go for it only if you are good at managing server (or else you can consider a fully managed solution).
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    Probably the match VPS and WHM/cPanel is the best to have both flexibility and easy management even for not experienced webmasters.

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    Well, it really depends on what your needs are. For most of peoples, the resellers account should be sufficient but if you need control or trying to learn to get dedicated server without the cost. The VPS might be great way to go.
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    Its a decision 100% based on your expertise, If you know about server managment VPS gives you alot more options and control

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    If your familiar with the VPS setup why not start with that. You give the customers more control.
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    The negative of both is that you don't have control of ALL accounts on the server. So if one site is using all the resources then yours suffers because the CPU power is already being consumed. Then you just sit and wait until it stops or someone fixes it.
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    hi there,

    If you do not have an experience to manage your own VPS, it is better to start a hosting reseller account with a reputable host

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    A VPS can be had very cheap these days (under $20), CPanel / Direct Admin is $6 / $15 and management is $20 from many reputable companies too.

    So for a running cost of $40 - 50 you can have your own virtual server, own resources and have a management team 24/7 look into it for you.

    Most hosts do all 3 - provide the VPS, management and licensing - so even cheaper and easier for you.

    Lack of technical skills isn't so bad any more - you can overcome this by being prepared, organized and using common sense. In saying that, there is never enough technical knowledge which you can gain.

    To put it in perspective, that's like 1 shift (5 hours) of washing dishes at a restaurant for 1 month of hosting where you are in complete control.

    My point: If you're serious the price difference is quite insignificant, even if you're starting out. If it's just a couple of accounts then the reseller account will be sufficient. Just depends on what your plans and goals are, rather than the cost. - VPS Control Panel
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    I think VPS is the best choice, but for the start you should get shared

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    Question Do you prefer VPS or shared account for reselling?
    Unless you have some sort of niche type offer where the system configuration is atypical, I think that a reseller account is the way to go, especially when the budget is limited and it would push you towards a small VPS.

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    Reseller would be he way to go if you're starting out and don't plan on going super big very soon (which usually doesn't happen anyway) - a VPS will definitely cost you more in the sense that you may have to pay for management and of course, you have to worry about the Control panel - unlike reseller accounts, they may not be managed and they may not come with a control panel. But if you know how to get around with a VPS then it would be a great idea considering the amount of control you have. But you would also have to know how to use that power properly

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    The issue is not in the price or in the web hosting service solution
    But reseller accounts is not only space and bandwidth
    that is also control panel to manage your customers, that is also hands on support and private nameservers etc
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    VPS has more advantages when compared to shared hosting but shared host is easier to manage and ideal for a newbie.

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    VPS all the way. Even though it's more expensive and has a small learning curve. - OpenVZ Virtualization with SolusVM Control Panel on High Quality Servers. - Inexpensive VPSs with great features. - 24/7 Ticket Support with FAST Replies - CEO Jackson H - [email protected]

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    Just like most people have said VPS is the way to go if you are familiar with managing the VPS, if not then go with a reseller account if you don't want the headaches and you are just starting out.

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