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    cross browser compatible tool required

    To all web designers and experts
    I am new to web design. I would like to design and make my web site look perfect in IE 6, IE7, IE8 and firefox 3 version. Presently, its look fine in IE6 but when i view in IE7 the site does not look good. How to rectify this problem --- web design with cross browser comptible problems.

    I am using dreamweaver to design my website, what i did is to design a few sets for respective browser. And use the browser checking tool in dreamweaver to check when it load the index.htm page.

    I am looking for any "open source cross browser checking tool" to view my work. Any experts here can share with me the cross browser checking tool, website or advise is highly appreciated.

    It is not possible to install IE 6 and IE7 separately in the same computer, i am using window xp pro. Please help.

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    Do you code your designs with web standards in mind?

    Also, check out

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    Hi there -

    Are you familiar with using virtual machines? We have a couple of virtual machines running different browsers, this gives us the best possible way of checking if our sites work correctly.

    You can also try , this is a program that install multile instances of older browsers, think it only works on Windows XP at the moment, support for ie5 and older is sketchy, but if you upgrade your main browser to ie7, you can easily install ie6 alongside it.

    Browsershots is ok, but does take a while sometimes to return results (not sure if there is a paid "instant" option?)

    Hope this helps


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    I'm not sure if your using Mac or PC, but I recommend downloading all the browsers if you really want to know what it will look like. That can be tough for PC users, since you can only have one version of Internet Explorer installed. But for the Mac users, check out Crossover. I have IE6 and IE7 installed on my Intel Mac, along with Opera, Firefox, Safari, and a Beta of Google chrome. Crossover can be really useful for checking your designs in the various versions of IE.


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    First of all why are you still using IE6?

    Its stone age now. Code you design according to the standards of latest browser versions. As Payton Designs said, follow html standards and validate it from

    I also hope you are using latest version of Adobe Dreamweaver as old versions allowed many tags and properties that arent allowed in new versions.
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    cross browser compatible issue

    Thanks all of the users for reply to my question.

    I used IE6 because my customer is using the IE6 at his office. I will ask the customer to upgrade to latest.

    I am using dreamweaver Mx, and will upgrade to dreamweaver CS3.

    Thanks Carl Bembridge
    the is greate but how to check for IE7 and IE8 since the website says that its no longer upgrade and maintain.

    Chris, too bad i did not use mac here. No mac computer around.

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    The website i provided does not offer ie7/ie8, what you would be required to do is to upgrade your own browser on your development environment up to Internet explorer 8, then you can install internet explorer 6 from that website.

    To get internet explorer 7 settings you can turn on compatibility mode within IE 8.

    As i said, it's not fool proof and proper virtual environment for thorough compatibility checking is recommended.

    Regarding upgrading Dreamweaver, as long as you code correctly and validate that code according to W3 standards there is no need to spend $xxxx on upgrading to the latest version.

    Using the wysiwyg editor will be the culprit of most deprecated tags.

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    You can easily run IE 5.5, 6, 7, and 8 all at the same time on xp, vista or windows 7 with just this single download:

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    Cross browser compatible tool

    Thanks for sharing with me the info about browser compatible tool.

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    Another vote for IETester.
    Will save you heck of a time.
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