I have been really trying to learn all I can about layer-3 switches and have gotten good advice on my other post. I've never had to use them before, and in moving to a new datacenter network I'd like to take advantage of dual feeds that require a layer-3 switch.

I've been looking at switches that are across a broad spectrum of prices, between $500 and $2500 or so. I'm 95% decided on the HP procurve 2610 since we don't push a lot of traffic (under 5mbps) and I don't need anything too fancy. I considered a Cisco 3560 and 3750, as well as Juniper... but for this thread I'm really interested in hearing about any experiences with the hp 2610?

Essentially, two feeds from my DC will go into one VLAN, which will act as the gateway for a second VLAN, which has about 7 servers attached to it.

Since the layer-3 switch will be routing all traffic from one VLAN (7 servers) to the second VLAN (dual DC feeds), I'm curious to know if anyone has any experience with the hp 2610.

I don't need to give each server its own VLAN. Right now they are all under our own control, so they can all share the same VLAN. So one big VLAN for our servers routing to one tiny VLAN for the two uplinks is all I need.

Any thoughts on the hp 2610 specifically?