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    Which is the best ?

    Which is the best? Colocation or a dedicated server?
    I am going to launch a site, expecting a huge database on it.


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    Will you require management?

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    Also, can you afford (or get credit for) the hardware to be colocated?
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    It depends on your needs and budget, IMHO Web Hosting - First class web hosting services.
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    With what budget you looking for and any specific locations?
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    For an unmanaged server I don't see much difference in colocation and dedicated server.
    You only need colocation if you have multiple servers with traffic between them, or want a non-standard server.
    To start a site I would go with a dedicated server instead of colo. (if vps or shared hosting is not sufficient)

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    Probably a dedicated server would be best to start with, and then down the road you can always do colocation if needed.
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    I agree with the last post. Go dedicated and then if you need colo then go that route. But most likely you wont. These days you can get pretty much what ever it is you want from a dedicated that you would from building your own

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    Better for what? I suppose your decision should be based on the actual needs only. Beter start from evaluation your needs

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    I've experienced much better performance from dedicated servers when running large databases.

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    Start with dedicated and see how much bandwidth you will consume over a month or two then you can migrate to dedicated server any time. At colocation data centers have different bandwidth packages which can save your $ if you pick right package

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    Well, nobody really could give you a solid answer if you don't have a solid description on your needs as well. Anyway, before considering dedicated or colocation, did you tried looking at the possibility that a vps is well enough for you already?

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    You may not want to go overkill and start on dedicated right away. Do you have more specifics? What is the sit about, how many visitors do you expect? What is the database going to be storing? What is your projection on it's size? What type of databse? What is your budget?

    All very important questions. Changes are for a start up you will fit happily on a nice VPS with a GOOD VPS company. Then you can grow from there. Jumping into a dedicated server could end up being wasted money. Unless you have a large amount of advertising planned, you should be fine.

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    start from dedicated colo will cost you more
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    Depends on two aspects, Colocation and unmanaged dedicated servers offer roughly the same service, however you own the hardware if colocating. Managed dedicated are far more secure.

    1) Access / Management
    If something happens, what can you do? Colocation & Unmanaged servers require you to perform resolutions to issues and in some cases, Hands on visits. While managed dedicated servers have on-site engineers to help you.

    2) Budget
    Colocation is cheapest, depending where you host, however coupled with the cost of hardware, Unmanaged dedicated servers will be around the same price over a long term contract. Managed servers cost more but compared to the cost of visiting the DC when something happens may be the better deal.

    If you have hardware or able to source cheap hardware, colocate (rather than unmanaged dedi) If you need hardware and your not able to visit and perform 3rd line support, then go for a managed server.
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    The guy's gone! I've seen a lot of answers to a question that is too general. I'll only add that Colocation and Dedicated are very different to put them in a same question. But 2 things that apply to both types of web hosting is the network and the company's TOS in terms of on-hands work on customer's servers/equipments.
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