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    Cool Sys Admin/Tech Support For Hire

    Hello Guys/Gals,
    Due to the recent downfall of my last employer I am forced on to the "Looking For Work Bandwagon" again.

    I am currently seeking a position as Sys Admin/Tech Support, I have experience with Linux, Cpanel, Plesk, Ensim along with Windows 2000, Hosting Controller, Hspehre, MS SQL and most of the usual server stuff.

    The best work hours for me would be 9am - 9pm, I am avliable to answer questions via helpdesk, AIM, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo or any Live Chat Software and can easily answer and participate in company forums.

    At present I hold an HNC (Higher National Certificate) in IT.

    If you currently have a position open then I would like to hear from you, please PM me.


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    Arrow whoops!

    Sorry about that. That would be 9am - 9pm GMT.

    Thanks for pointing out my error dreamHOBO


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    I would have assumed EST. I haven't heard of an HNC before.

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    HNC is a qualification given in the UK (Higher National Certificate). I am in the UK and of course my time zone is 9am - 9pm GMT.


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