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    emailing list by anniversary date

    I need some advice for a proposal I am preparing. Our client has 3000 dealers, and wants an email program that will:

    • send a form letter out on a particular date including the dealer's name/address information.
    • offers multiple form letters, on various topics
    • each subscriber email would have its own dates for each form letter
    • send emails as a batch daily at a time selectable by me
    • each dealer to get their own login/password to add their own subscriber emails with send dates and form selection
    • MySQL based linux server (Plesk) altho I'd prefer something that runs independent of the control panel
    • should be insertable into a html template (can call php pages as needed)
    • Bonus if subscribers could have an area to subscribe/unsubscribe themselves

    Does anyone know of a script offering this?
    IF NOT, could you advise what I should expect it to cost me to hire someone to develop this script?

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    I think you will need to go with a custom solution as most of the mass mailer softwares does not allow user logins and are usually managed by one single admin.

    However you could verify the features of sendstudio.
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    Thanks --- I will check it out
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