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    Any good hosts for a *legal* torrent tracker?

    VPS's TOSes almost always mention "No Torrent trackers" and if they're okay with it, they only want it on dedicated machines.

    My torrent tracker will require very little resources as it'll host a single torrent file that I created and own all the rights to and there will always be zero seeders so the torrent tracker won't actually be transferring any data. Yes that's not how normal trackers work but I can't give out more details except to forget all the assumptions you have about regular torrent trackers and that this torrent tracker won't be a resource hog.

    Any suggestions?

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    If it's just for a single file, any particular reason you don't just track the file on opentracker?
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    Yes it is a single file and Yes there is a reason that a 3rd party tracker wouldn't work: I need realtime comprehensive stats on usage.

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    Most VPS providers would support this kind of usage, as long as they don't state that they don't allow any kind of torrent trackers, it should be fine.

    Might want to ask them in advance though.

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    Most should allow this, yes.
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    Thank you. I'll contact a few.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sshTail View Post
    Thank you. I'll contact a few.
    Although a provider may state right in their ToS that they do not support it, most do this because it is often abused. I'd recommend going ahead and contacting providers directly to speak with them, explain that the resource usage will be low, and that they should allow it. Your best bet if you want any stability would be avoiding any provider that would allow you to do this, and do this on a 5$ VPS. A provider that allows this probably wont have stability in their mind.

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    Just opened and the ToS is quite unrestrictive. Good rates and hardware too.

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    I would agree, most companies should allow this.. I can't think of a good reason to be worried about files distributed legally via a torrent tracker.
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    You should not have a problem finding a provider that allows this, of course contacting them is always a good idea just to make sure you won't encounter any problems down the line.

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