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    Corenetworks six month review

    Just a quick post to let folks know about my experience with Corenetworks. I run a very small business doing consulting and some hosting (only if I compiled the code myself). I manage my own machines and feel that if it can't be done in vi then it isn't worth doing

    I've been through alot of cheap hosts including,, and two different resellers of - both of whom ripped me off (thanks for vetting your resellers you wingnuts). Cost is a huge issue for me as I'm not quite to break even on hosting vs. cost.

    The experience with Corenetworks has shown me that you can have an affordable and quality experience. I have been with them for about 6 months now and they have done a great job. Except for a few short times where they told me that they were experiencing a DDOS event they have been rock solid. They were able to tell me almost instantly that they were experiencing these events so I can handle this. None of the events were for more than a few minutes.

    Overall I'd recommend them in a heartbeat.

    Some domains I run to check -,
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    Thanks for the quick review

    Yeah, a few friends of mine have used corenetworks. Not for the big end hosting, but for hosting single websites with medium to high capacity, forums, IRC networks, etc.

    For that kind of stuff it's great.

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    Happy to hear about your good experience, due keep us posted.


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    CoreNetworks gets the top score out of all other hosts I've ever tried. You get everything you pay for and they even ask you if everything is ok.

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    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. And a good review is always nice to read. Give us updates again.

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    any other people who are using CoreNetworks?

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    I have in the past. I just signed up this evening for an offsite DNS server box..our last machine had over 400 days uptime with them.

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    Great review! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Best of luck!
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