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    Server Setup of ASP, MSSQL, PHP, Mysql

    I am looking towards getting some type of server, most likely a virtual server. I am curious of how I could set up a server so I can run Classic ASP, ASP.Net, and PHP. Along with the databases to compliment the languages. I am just getting started in hosting for my current clients. If someone could give me some guides and to if its possible to do this under a virtual private server or if a dedicated is neccesary.


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    You can use Microsoft Web PI ( to download and install all required software. However, I'd recommend you to consider signing up with a host who has every pre-installed for you so that you need not run down into configuration of various services. This is doable and most reputable providers will offer a pre-configured VPS (with ASP, MS SQL, PHP, MySQL) whereby you'd be ready to get started.

    Good luck!
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