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    Need Partner or Employee for Hosting Company

    Hello Guys

    I run a new webhosting site (I have everything setup )but unfortunatly i dont have alot of time to manage it so I need a trust partner or a good employee.
    I have experience 7 years in hosting biz and it is not so easy to quit hosting

    The partner can take the 50% or what ever he is willing to offer. Since i have everything ready he doesnt need to invest anything.(offer nothing- money is ok too but u must work hard )

    For employee:
    I can offer him 50% of the earning with out need to invest any money in it or just give him a monthly salary starting from
    $100+ or give him both is he worths it.
    His job is to manage the site and of course bring customers.
    I am not looking for expensive solutions but i am looking for PROFESSIONAL. So if you dont have any good experience please dont msg me.You must know how to manage whmc and cpanel.
    "I am not looking for only technical admins "

    P.S : I will not partner with a non professional . SO dont msg me if you are going to.
    I am from Europe and I prefer partner to be from Europe so we have same hours (not 100% neccesary)
    We buy Hosts.
    icq: 149389211
    aim: konper

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    On a Speck!!!!!

    I have already send you a PM. If you are interested please let me know.


    Freelance System Administrator

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    Cymedia I like your site, very cool and good luck with your search

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    Nice Design - just saw this special.html page not working [generating 404 error]

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    I would be interested in your offer. I'm from Hungary, i could help you out for free and you can see if you like what i do. I can help you out in win 2003 / unix secruity and support. You can reach me on the following contacts:

    E-mail/GoogleTalk/Live: [email protected]
    Yahoo: benedek.rakovics Skype: benedek.rakovics /


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