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    Iceland to be at the forefront of green(er) hosting?

    Here's a really interesting article on the BBC about how Iceland (and its cool environment) is shaping up to be the biggest contender in providing greener Web hosting in the future.

    It is a breathtaking world of volcanoes, endless prairies and ethereal winter landscapes.

    Not, you might think, the most obvious place to stick millions of the world's computer servers which are, for all their uses, rather less attractive.

    But the country now wants exactly that - to become home to the world's computing power.
    In Iceland, with its year round cool climate and chilly fresh water, just a fraction of this energy for cooling is needed. It means big savings.

    Just outside Reykjavik, work is well advanced on the first site which its owners hope will spark a server cold rush.
    I'm not really sure what to make of this. There has been plenty of discussion here at WHT and elsewhere about hosting in Iceland, and there is always one thing that crops up which deters people... the location of the country. With this in mind, just how successful their attempt to enter the data centre market will be should be interesting to watch.

    With that said, in a time when most serious Web hosting companies are starting to think more about the impact their business has on the environment, maybe they're entering at the right time.

    Just thought I'd share the article. I found it quite interesting.

    - Jamie Harrop

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    Very interesting, I cant wait to see what the first datacenter offers when they open.

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    There could indeed be great energy savings, and if a carbon tax will ever become reality, the savings would just increase. Iceland is nicely located between US and EU as well. Though, it just as well means less than perfect latency on both sides.

    I'm sure it can be an industry that will help Iceland grow in future years. It's not a huge country, they have energy sources, and if they manage to have 5-10k people employed at new data centers, it would mean a lot for a country of 300k.

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    Can't really see this taking off.

    Great idea in theory but that's about it.

    Seems like some last gasp effort to try and make use of some far away volcanic wasteland which has been made famous by 2 things....vikings and bjork.

    Interesting article though.

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    I dont see why it would not take off really. Its between UK and US so it should be ok, its like a user getting a dedi in china when they are from the us. It works because it will be cheaper then other DCs

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    I'm guessing soon we will be seeing ads for ICE COLD Servers

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheServerExperts View Post
    I'm guessing soon we will be seeing ads for ICE COLD Servers
    What about all the hot deals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WN-Ali View Post
    What about all the hot deals?
    OK then, ICE COLD servers with HOT OFFERS

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    I think this is a good idea.. less energy used also means less cost to connect a dedi server in one of the data centers?!

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    Probably won't make that much of a difference in cost initially. Especially if there is not much competition for "Green" hosting. Add to that the initial setup cost and it's very possible that the prices will actually be higher than "Normal" hosting competitors.

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