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    instant-deploy scammers?

    i've got a domain name with instant-deploy for 3 months now and things we're ok, apart of their lame support.. i had an issue with their control panel that won't accept changes so i sent a ticket and never got a respond thankfully the problem solved it self and things got back to normal, till 3 days ago i couldn't have access to my site, i contacted my hosting whom their support did a whois checkout and found out that my registrar instant-deploy put my domain name on client hold...they did that without notice or anything, and when i log to their stupid control panel i see that my site is still active, i sent them a ticket regarding the issue but i doubt i'll ever have an answer as i read some reviews on DP that they never answer tickets... i really worked hard to bring traffic to that site and now i have to start over again from scratch because of them

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    There is a thread about this on Digital Point.

    Next time, I suggest not going with a company charging $3 odd for a domain

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