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    Talking **Review My Anime Site***

    Hey ^^ if everyone at least some people could do a review for my site ...

    Arigatou.. (thanks)!!

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    I think that for being an anime site it does not have enough going on visually. The top seems to clutered and you need to change the hover colour on your links to something you can read.

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    I agree with Athiest.

    i have to admit, you spent a good long time getting the episode guides and stuff

    Kodos on those

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    I agree with both, the content is there, but the visual appeal is not. Content is key, if there isn't much substance but a nice design, you'll get an initial visit but no return visits. But if you don't have a catchy design, you may not get people to stay long enough to notice the content. There are so many links along the side that it is quite intimidating from the start. I would simplifiy the front page and make a very basic portal page that directs the user to the anime they are interested in (Digimon, Dragonball, etc.) Then on that "homepage" list all of the sub-links where they can navigate around. A drop-down menu or link on each page giving them the opportunity to go to a different section would allow for easy navigation between them. Just my opinion.
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    Yeah there is a ton of content but no attraction. Makes you want to read the first paragraph and leave. With anime, there are millions of pics you can grab/crop and fit them accordingly. I think you should have people nav to the text.
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