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    myvps, softlayer datacenter, legal issues

    I used to have a vps. I was a customer of I was using it for three years.

    Now for more than 100 hours, my vps is down.

    I have tried everthing I can do. I've emailed, used tickets, and phone. Nobody answered. Nothing happened.

    Then with a little search, I learned my vps is on softlayer's datacenter.

    I've used online help chat with softlayer. They said they cannot help. However, I desperatly need to JUST restart my server. The service is critical. And the vps is down for more than 4 days.

    I know that it is the responsibility of myvps. However, they disappeared. I can not reach them. And I have to access my data.

    First question: Could anybody here explain me, for just a restart why they don't help? If they need money, I am ready to pay. ( oh just a restart.)

    Second question: If I prove the data on the server is mine, can I use legal authorities to get my data? I'm trying to say that, they are not allowing to access the data which belongs to me. In short, can I go to court?
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    Have you tried contacting #'s via the whois database? are emails being returned that you mailed to them? is there no # to call? i'd put all the tools at my hands avail so that i can search for ways of reaching them. But yes theres almost always a legal solution to a problem.

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    Since you arent a direct client of softlayer it will be hard asking them to reboot an server.

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    For all we know the server could even not contain any data anymore; i mean if your previous provider did disappear, chances are very big the servers have been cleaned or even sold again to someone else. Softlayer has a month to month contracts on servers.

    Another point is it is a VPS which means softlayer could not even restart it as its technically not a server its a software instance on hardware; they may get in legal complications if they would touch this server without a court order.

    That said i am in no way a legal adviser and i do not think you should ask any legal advise on a forum but instead contact a lawyer which is specialized in these type of cases. Personally i think your chances are very slim, for what its worth.

    If you have backups (which you always should have!) its time to move on. A lot cheaper and faster as any other solution.

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    I do not have backups. I've already rent another vps but I need the data on the server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by taylankoca View Post
    I do not have backups. I've already rent another vps but I need the data on the server.
    Then you learned a hard leason, always make backup's

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    I used to have a vps with myvpshost. In my experience, they (really she, since I'm pretty sure it is/was a one-woman shop) would disappear for a week or more and then suddenly reappear. If I happened to need something when she was online, she was very responsive. But then the responses would just stop for weeks at a time.

    So my guess is that eventually she will get back to you. In the meantime, I'd try to get your new VPS up and running as well as you can without the missing data.

    I don't have any advice re the softlayer legal question.

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    The problem is solved on the fifth day. I do not know how. Thank you.

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    I don't understand why people still don't get to make backups. If you care about your data MAKE BACKUPS. It's like having a home without insurance

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    Sorry, To hear all that. I really think that SoflLayer can't really do anything but tell you that they can't do anything. How ever MyVPSHost is the only one that can do it. Also right now I personally think your best shot is trying to contact MyVPSHost threw there WHois data base, If you not know how to do this go to type in ther domain and there information will show up.

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