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    Hey, I recently signed up to virpus for their VPS managed services,

    I contacted them on the 9th to get the server up and running so i can run the dolphin social network software, a few quick replied tickets were sent back and forth the final was

    'We are checking the required dependencies for dolphin and will update you once this has been completed. Please note that this procedure would require apache recompilation and therefore possible down time. Please let us know if we can proceed regarding this.'

    which i replied that it is fine to proceed.

    12 hours passes, i reply again to confirm that they are proceeding, no reply. another 12 hours, i open another ticket to see if i can expedite this. i then get a message which says

    ' Hello,

    We apologize for the delay in getting back with you. This ticket has automatically been escalated to an administrator to speed this ticket up.

    We appreciate your patience.

    Warm Regards,

    Management at
    Virpus Networks, Inc.'

    now every ticket i submit just keeps sending me this on the hour every hour.

    Not the best start to my hosting with Virpus. anyone else had issues with these guys?

    p.s sorry if this seems like a whinge, i just want to get this site set up, and considering its now almost 4 days later, i dont think its unfair to be a bit annoyed / disappointed.

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    Sorry to hear about your experience. Apparently other members on this forum have had similar experiences from what I've read these past few weeks. It might be best to find another host and cancel service with Virpus as four days is a very long time to wait for a response.
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    I agree, four days of no clarification what so ever on your problem is very long. That's why I consider having a good support service is very important. You really should consider moving to another host since this is not a very good sign for you to keep staying with them.

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    I'm sorry to hear about your poor experience with the company. I hope the next web hosting provide can provide a better level of support and service for you. Thank you for sharing your experience.
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    Sorry to hear about your experience with Virpus, I am having the same experience, I signed up for a server Friday, Ken told me in chat that I was next in line to be set up, that is the last I heard from him, I cancelled Saturday and still have not received a refund, guess I'll have to file a claim with paypal. On a brighter note I did find an excellent vps with Mainstream networks and their support is awesome.

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