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    Hello new to the forums.

    Ive been directed here by a friend who tells me you can help / are in the know of all hosting providers.

    Ive had my contact with now for a few months, but on saturday it seems to of just dissapeared, the domain is not found, emails are being bounced back and i have no indication via email or searching with google that they are having problems..

    i would appreciate any help in this matter...

    thank you for your time

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    I whois'ed the nameservers and found :

    You may want to try emailing them at that address

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    It seems like their DNS is down, hence their site is not resolving - this could be due to a number of reasons ... hopefully, just a DNS issue ..

    Did you have sites / servers hosted with them?

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    thank you for your fast reply, i have emailed that address and will wait to see what reply i acheive

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    From the looks of things, it seems like their server has been taken down. This could be due to a number of reasons - so, perhaps an option would be for you to contact the Data Center directly to figure out what's happening - the provider details:

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    so are they with "RIPE Network" ? or how do i see the data center info?

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    no - its hte REAL HOSTS part of that web page you are looking for :-)

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    aha, my bad. Ive sent them an email so i will wait to hear from them now,

    thanks so far

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    i had a reply today

    "As far as I am aware their server is having hardware problems and are in the process of having files restored onto another server. This should be complete sometime today providing the data recovery is successful"

    just for anyone else out their who does a search..

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