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    Question setting up virtual server with second domain name

    i'm running apache on windows xp. it's running fine, got one domain running with the A record from a free DNS service. the problem is that my other domain can't be set up as an A record cuz the free DNS service will only allow an IP address to be entered. so i set it up to forward to another directory.

    how do i set up the second domain name to go to the other directory without having it forward there by the DNS service? i'm under the impression that i can set up a virtual server in apache somehow, correct?

    thanks in advance!

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    Hey there,

    You have to set up both domains to share single IP address. With Apache, you need to use Virtual Hosts. Let's assume that you have domain names and and you already set up both of them to point to the same IP address at DNS service. The following must be defined in apache config:

    Port 80
    ServerName server.domain.tld
    NameVirtualHost *:80
    <VirtualHost *:80>
    DocumentRoot d:/www/

    <VirtualHost *:80>
    DocumentRoot d:/www/

    Googling for VirtualHost may yield more samples and howtos. Good Luck!

    With regards, Mikka

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