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    Backup service like eVault

    I recently decided to move from Softlayer to a considerably cheaper hosting company a friend recommended that offers double the space and performance at half the price and the same reliability.

    Either way, I do lose the support and every other perk that comes with Softlayer and I've been quite reliant on the eVault technology. Unfortunately, the new host doesn't offer any comparable service but does offer off-site access with 100 GB and likely shell access as well.

    I need a good backup service or something that has a nice GUI that I can use in case of future attacks on my machine. Due to the half-price of the server, I can surely afford either a commercial program or a completely seperate program that could offer backup of about 20 GB.

    I know rsync is very popular however I used to use it before eVault and felt uncomfortable with it.

    Any suggestions?

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    Look for a provider offering r1soft services.
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    I would definitely recommend ServerSync -

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    Quote Originally Posted by CreativHost View Post
    I would definitely recommend ServerSync -
    Does ServerSync have a GUI or is it simply just a server that you can install rSync on?

    Quote Originally Posted by servertechs View Post
    Softlayer do offer a server only for backup and the backup will be be done through private network, that will not cost you for the bandwidth.
    Right, but I am leaving softlayer so you're telling me I could keep my SoftLayer backup by ordering yet another cheap server from them? That sounds very expensive.

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