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    intel p4 2.8 or amd sempron 2800 ?

    i want buy a server which one of the following cpu i sbetter?(i want host my own websites) :
    Intel P4 2.8GHZ
    Amd Sempron 2800


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    It will give you a better idea.

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    Think of it this way, there are Intel Pentiums, and Intel Celerons. With AMD, there are AMD Athlons, and AMD Semprons. The comparable CPU types in these cases would be:

    Intel Pentium and AMD Athlon
    Intel Celeron and AMD Sempron

    The Celerons and Semprons are made for low cpu usage, basically for budget computers which are there for checking email, and web browsing, not much more.

    The Pentiums and Athlons are for more CPU intensive applications, they aren't the best, but they are certainly better than the Celerons and Semprons.

    In summary, go for the Pentium.

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    Neither, go for an Atom 330, it'll be more powerful than the two you listed and what's more it might even save you some $$$.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XENnode View Post
    Think of it this way, there are Intel Pentiums, and Intel Celerons. With AMD, there are AMD Athlons, and AMD Semprons.
    I don't think this response could be any further from the truth, though I do understand you have good intentions. Yes, the Sempron and the Celeron are budget classes of CPUs.

    However, per passmark there's only a ~10 point advantage to the P4. I also know for a fact that on a P4-2.4, I can't run 30 bots on a CS server whereas my Sempron 3000+ can. Granted, the P4-2.4 is an older P4 and the 3000+ is a faster Sempron than the 2800+... but the point is the name of the CPU means almost nothing.

    I would first of all check what else comes with the system, any bonus in RAM or anything like that will immediately tip the scales in favor of that system - the P4 isn't sufficiently better than the Sempron to warrant picking it for no good reason.

    If everything else is equal, I would take the P4 personally. I'm a fan of AMD, but in the dedi market, especially back when those machines were the "hot thing" there were tons of cheap mobos/chipsets floating around for AMD systems... and provisioning Intel typically meant less problems. I'm not implying the AMD system will necessarily have a garbage chipset, just that the Intel would be a safer bet.

    TL;DR: OP didn't give enough information to make an educated comparison.
    I used to run the oldest commercial Mumble host.

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    You want to buy that for what?
    It seems that most of the web hosting providers can do that for you

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    The specs that you mentioned are cosidered to be premitive now. Why not go with an ATOM or Core2Duo??

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