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    Possible to dump an Access DB using ASP?

    Long story short - I am migrating a client away from their current Windows hosting and on to a Linux machine. The problem is that several of their sites use small Access databases, which we have no physical access to.

    I have the ASP scripts that connect to the DSN. I have the DB username, password, and etc...

    My problem is that I'm not an ASP (OR windows) guy, and I've got no idea how to go about getting the physical access database files to move over.

    This is pretty urgent, so I'm hoping that there are a simple 2 or 3 lines of ASP that will let me download the (I assume) MDB files and move them over to the new server.

    Any tips at all are appreciated.


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    Never mind everyone. I was able to track down the MDB files after all.

    Though, if you know an easy way we could have dumped them from an ASP script, I'm sure it would be a useful code snippet for someone.

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