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    Wondering about Good Hosting Control Panel


    I am wondering what is a good hosting control panel? Similar to cPanel but able to edit the code to put a few of my links on the control panel. I prefer open source but do not mind to pay. I would like for it to run on Red Hat or CentOS. Thanks in advance for helping me.

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    DirectAdmin but it isn't open source.
    What's your budget?

    Seriously, what's your budget?

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    hi there?

    Have you tried Plesk? It works under Linux environment as well. I am a Windows-based user and I am using Plesk Windows for my daily site administration

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    Even with cPanel you can create your own custom theme based upon their default theme where you can insert your own links and such. Just an FYI.
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    I have personally used Plesk and it can be used for both windows and Linux ,Provides better support for automation, including an XML-RPC interface allowing PHP or Perl scripts to call functions, optionally from a remote computer.
    Has a large variety of plug-ins, adding to the available features.
    Supports SuSE Linux.



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    Besides the plesk amd cPanel the webmin might be good option for Centos.
    Its opensource.
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    If u r asking for open sources then seacrh in sourceforge

    & yes donate them so that they continue & provide updates

    Try For Linux

    Try For Windows


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    Adding links in cPanel is just editing a file or two and that too its written in HTML. Its very simple. You might be interested in reading this:
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    ISPmanager is a Linux-based control panel. But it isn't open source.

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    Hsphere is the very good hosting control panel for supporting windows and Linux platforms

    you can get it customize with help of hsphere templates dot com

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