Hi, GFM has a scheduled pre-release on November 1st 2009. This will be a WHT/Hotscripts special offer to get a 3 months free trial and I would like
to start gathering information about interested companies and individuals.

For 1.5 years now GFM has been running my GSP GameFrame. It is fully functional and there have been no bugs found till this date. Currently GFM is being finalized for the pre-release version and documentation is being created for an easy guide to current or potential GSP Providers.

A demo version of GFM is still in development, therefore occasional errors may occur. However the demo is fully functional.

Please register on the GFM forum at http://www.gameframe.net/GFM/ . You are going to need this account to download future updates and new releases.

Demo (Client and Admin login credentials are provided in news)


Remember to read everything on the demo main page to get a better picture.

Sign-up & Question thread for pre-release: http://www.gameframe.net/GFM/showthread.php?t=17
Demo feedback thread: http://www.gameframe.net/GFM/showthread.php?t=16