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    Review of Future Hosting - 48 hours


    I thought I should share my feelings on FutureHosting even though we have only been on their server for 48 hours.

    I started having my sites hosted back in 1990's and have had about a dozen hosts since then. (Started with when they were like maybe 2 of the 3 hosts on the planet, LOL) 90% of the time, I have needed to find a host due to my former host being acquired or some other non-technical reason. So you could say that I tend to stick with a host for as long as possible. I have moved from shared hosting, to reseller hosting, to dedicated hosting, and now to VPS hosting. I started my VPS adventures with PowerVPS. This was about 3 years ago if I recall. Like most here, I did a great deal of homework, read and lurked. PowerVPS was in my top 5 final list. I selected PowerVPS and was extremely happy to put the headaches of dedicated servers behind me. For two years the VPS was very stable. That changed about one year ago. I was told I was hitting resource max and asked to upgrade. Oddly, my sites' traffic was about 1/2 of what it was in the first two years. ie my VPS should have less resources needed. PowerVPS moved many of its legacy VPS users to new hardware. I don't recall they informed me, though they said they did. They did inform me that they would make a decision on the remaining legacy users in terms of billing promotions -- they never did. Downtime continued. I began to notice that their newer techs did not share the same ability of communication and skills as past/founding techs. Answers were curt and became more and more unhelpful. We have all seen this pattern before where a host starts out so well (2 or 3 guys/gals), and as it grows, they add remote staff that just don't have the same passion of the founders, or language skills. (Disclaimer: English isn't my native, so no excuse for lack of communications in business IMHO).

    Thus, I began my search for a new VPS here. FutureHosting was in my top 5 along with KnownHost, SolarVPS, Jaguar. Actually, I rated them 3 or 4 in my final list. I tested all of these hosts' sales responses and went through the shopping process just before clicking 'sign-me up'. (I work in Ecommerce so I like to see that process). SolarVPS answered my questions the best. KnownHost a close second. I am sure there are a few other good VPS companies like ServInt, Lunar and HostNexus, but their prices just don't reflect the marketplace IMHO.

    Due to my needs and budget though, I selected FutureHosting as they seem to offer the best balance -- competitiveness and support.

    FutureHosting - 48 hours
    As my data was on PowerVPS with Plesk, selecting another provider with Plesk was important. Actually, I have always been a Plesk fan having used all the CPs (I just wish they would stop trying to offer 1,000 products and spin off a CP-only company like they were.)

    FutureHosting (FH) started the migration on Saturday night. Sunday morning I notice that all sites hadn't been moved. I checked my inbox and read the many emails awaiting me. It seemed Plesk was having a hard time using its server migration tool (typical of Plesk that they introduce a feature that doesn't work 100% of the time.) FH informed me they would migrate my VPS (domains, etc) manually.

    While this was going on, another tech worked on some requests I had related to SSH, root access, etc.

    What I found in the last 48 hours was what I had hoped for... Techs that received my tickets, and replies that stated WHAT they were doing. I felt informed during the entire process. In some cases, CLEAR explanations were given. In some cases, SIMPLE answers were given -- where I couldn't grasp the why. The level of service was what I experienced in my first year with PowerVPS. And now, a really important point -- EVERY tech that worked on my tickets displayed the same level of competence. All too often, I have felt in the past that the level and ability of techs ranged so much. This became more apparent as of late on PowerVPS (are they contracting out support? No idea.) It was a real pleasure to deal with each tech. I think I counted 5 different names! What I REALLY appreciate was that it was obvious that each tech taking over a ticket READ the entire ticket thread. Too often when a tech takes over due to moving it a tier or shift change, I felt like I needed to explain everything from the start. Gah!! I don't have time or patience for that.

    Hardware wise, I moved from (PowerVPS) AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 246 to Intel(R) Xeon(R)CPU E5420 @ 2.50GHz (Future Hosting). In the case of PowerVPS, my VPS was on an old legacy machine that a few of us unlucky ones were still on (We were asked to bump up $$ to go to the new machines, I refused.) I don't know which server is better, but thus far my sites feel much more snappy. I also notice that my former VPS used burst RAM approach vs. SLM. (See my other post I should also state that perhaps PowerVPS uses this in their new machines. No idea.

    Overall, I am paying the same amount for my new VPS, the sites are loading much faster and most importantly, the service has been top rate. I was a little worried at first because I heard such great reviews of Knownhost and SolarVPS (I am sure they are warranted), but based on the past 48-hours, I must say my selection was right for me in many ways. I'm crossing my fingers that this level of service will continue 3, 5 or more years down the road. If they do, I won't hesitate to recommend FutureHosting to the MANY developers I come into contact with. (I have sent a great deal of leads/business to every host I have been at.) I will need to revisit this thread on my anniversary to see if things continue in such a great manner.


    (Mac and iPhone developer sites)

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    Thanks for the early review. We look forward to hearing a long term review down the road as well!

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    Well, I hope everything goes well with you there, if not you could always try to look for another host.. ehem.. hehe Although its really frustrating sometimes having to keep moving your site from host to host.

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    There was one downside thus far, but it only applies to Plesk CP. It seems they charge $5 for the Power Pack. Most hosting companies I beleive include it. In the Power Pack, I only need SpamAssassin, and as it is open source, I'm not keen to pay $5 for the Power Pack. I suppose Spam Assassin could be installed independently, though my experience is that using non-Plesk made packages, etc tends to make things a tad wacky. (right terminalogy?)

    So keep the above in mind when looking at FutureHosting and another host and the price difference is $5


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    So far, I'm enjoying my 1st month with FH running 4 shoutcast stations =D

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    Sad to hear that after a good run the service had to drop like that.

    Good to hear that you found a new host and that you're happy with them!

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    Very detailed review. Thanks for sharing that with us. I think that is really useful to have that. As that fully describes the host

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    Thanks for the detailed review.

    I am also searching for a VPS host, presently i have narrowed it down to

    Futurehost and Unixy.

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    Hello Carlos,

    Did Powervps not contact you offering to move you to a new VPS? I was also on the old legacy plans, they offered me a custom plan on a new server, the same specs as my legacy and same "special" price. I was getting a 75% discount from an old legacy special years ago, still pay the same on a newer hspc server.

    I also have two with Futurehosting. Both great companies in my opinion. Not too many negative comments about either of them on here.

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    Hello magicvorlon,
    No, I never got contacted. I didn't even know about being on a 'legacy' system until a tech recommended I upgrade to a new system as they were phasing out legacy systems. So I went to the front page and saw the new plans. I asked for something like what you were offered and was told that Billing would look into it. A few months later I hadn't heard a thing. As my semi-annual payment was due, it was good (sad?) time to leave.

    One side point that drove me insane was when we updated to Plesk 9.2.x. My VPS was down for a great number of days as they couldn't fix the issue and had Plesk work on it themselves. I thought either my server or latest Plesk was cursed. (OR both) I was asking each day, 'Please please, just move me to a new machine, I can't have my sites down for so much time.' I was told to wait, have patience, and that they wanted to fix the problem without moving me, since I was on legacy system. It was finally fix, then went down for more extended time a day or so later. I lost a good amount of community members to my sites during that fiasco.

    Based on my customer service background in Japan, I would have simply moved the customer, maintained their relationship and dealt with the old server as a separate issue. Oh well, water under the bridge... time to focus on FutureHosting.

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    You should ask to speak to a manager. As far as I am aware, it was an incentive to get those on the legacy plans to move to their newer hspc plans. I just figured everyone on a legacy plan was given the opportunity to move, and keep the same specs/prices (custom plans not advertised on their main site).

    I held off from moving to their hspc plans originally because a: they were more expensive and b: I would be received less resources.

    That being said, I`ve had no problems with Futurehosting.

    Ps. I knew I had discussed this very topic once before...
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    >You should ask to speak to a manager
    Trust me, I exhausted all avenues.

    But I'd rather this thread not be about the past, I've moved on.
    Back to talking about FutureHosting.

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    I've been hearing a lot about Future Hosting, Thanks for sharing your Review with them.

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    thanks for your review keep us more update

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    Great review, I find all plesk products that are "automated" this and that don't work very often lol...

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    My only issue with the reviewer, Carlos, is that he used my favourite expression, "Gah!", without asking my permission or paying me royalties. He will be hearing from my lawyer.

    Seriously though, it is good to read this review. Often, it is the first 48 hours that really count.

    I must that say that I fully echo his confidence in FH support, every single one of whom are obviously highly competent and experienced and can perform the most complex of operations natively, without exception.

    I won't go into too much detail here as it is not my thread and I intend, later, to post my own review.

    But, just take one item they helped me with last night, amongst many requests for assistance. I needed gzip fully functional on my Centos VPS so opened a ticket. Yet another of their support technicians, with whom I had no previous contact, so didn't know existed, began work on my ticket, keeping me fully informed at every stage. In fact, as is widely known, getting gzip to work well is no easy feat and extremely demanding.

    FH's tech, Steve, spent hours on it, way beyond the call of duty really and did not give up until the job was done perfectly, working way into the night. He advised me throughout as to the intricate issues involved, including the following result:
    The mod_deflate has replaced Apache 1.3’s mod_gzip in Apache2 hence, mod_gzip is not at all compatible with Apache 2.0. I have re-installed mod_deflate and reconfigured Apache with the following directives, All of the above extension file should compressed by mod_deflate now.

    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html text/plain text/xml
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/plain
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/xml
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xhtml+xml
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/css
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xml
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE image/svg+xml
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/rss+xml
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/atom_xml
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/x-javascript
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/x-httpd-php
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/x-httpd-fastphp
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/x-httpd-eruby
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/js
    Outstanding. I checked and it all works perfectly.

    This is just one of many instances when I have asked for exacting and demanding technical assistance and it has been more than met with similar professionalism, always, with guaranteed results, however complex and however long it takes. They have never given up or palmed me off. Having moved from a shared environment to a managed VPS with FH, my carefully researched choice has already been thoroughly vindicated.

    If I had one question on my mind it would be to ask why their marketing is so low key because their whole infrastructure should rightly be feared amongst other providers? We never see them touting for business here except when they have a special going. They seem to me a company who has invested heavily in being able to sustain outstanding service and support levels.

    You may have gathered that I am happy with FH. And I certainly am.
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    Time for an update on FutureHosting.

    I've been with them since about October 2009, having moved from PowerVPS (perhaps my 10th hosting company since I started my site in 1992.)

    Quality of service remains high. I did go through a rough patch where my VPS had DNS-like issues, which caused myself and others to be unable to reach my websites. It went through many techs and finally they recommended a move to a brand new VPS. Which cleared up the issue.

    Techs remain as polite as ever and respond very quickly to my tickets. Cost for my VPS is still good value.

    Overall, I am still happy.

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    I was also on the old legacy plans at PowerVPS from 2004, and they offered to me a custom plan on a new server with the same specs as my legacy and same discount ... but migrating from a Dual Opteron 250 to a new Dual Xeon 5335.

    I think that PowerVPS lost many clients because they "delayed too much" in offer an upgrade from old legacy plans, I was waiting "several months" for a solution and while I was waiting, I found new providers ( including FutureHosting ) with more powerful nodes, more resources and by the same or smaller cost ... and I migrated some VPS.

    Last critical downtime in PowerVPS was in May 2008 !!!

    Now I'm planning a migration from my custom plan to a new Fuse package that include more resources ... and they are offering to me a discounted price very similar with present cost

    PowerVPS and FutureHosting are included in my "very short" list of reliable VPS providers, obviuosly according to "my requirements", including management, Virtuozzo/CentOS/cPanel software, Dual Quad Xeon/Opteron with RAID 10 nodes and daily backups.

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    Future Hosting is really one of the best professional services around here.
    Their support is top notch and their reply time is like "how can i get a reply so fast?"
    Seriously good choice, keep up the good work

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    Neo, you are lucky to have been moved and with discount! I envy you.

    I gave them a lot of time and gave up on PowerVPS. I was REALLY sad to do so because they started out so well. I recommend countless people to them. Alas, web hosts always stumble after N years.

    I'm still very happy with Future Hosting. Really, if you want a host that will reply very quickly to your questions, and do so with courtesy, stop wasting your time and money and switch to Future Hosting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlos View Post
    Neo, you are lucky to have been moved and with discount! I envy you.
    But I migrated several VPS from PowerVPS with others providers ( including FutureHosting ) ... because I was waiting "several months" for a solution to old legacy plans.

    "In 2004" PowerVPS was top one and with great offers.

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    Thumbs up

    Being a FutureHost fan I figured I might as well chime in.

    I switched to FutureHost about 90 days ago after having some issues with another vps company.

    I will concur their service and support are exceptional. I haven't had any downtime and when I open a ticket I get quick, helpful and friendly responses. You can't go wrong with Softlayer's Data center's either

    I was a Big Aussie Bob follower when he was in North America and until I found FutureHost I wasn't satisfied.

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    I have used FutureHosting for a long time now, and they have VERY good servers and support.
    If you have a managed plan, they fix almost everything.
    And with their services as Future Engineer 2.0 they check my server every week for security and software updates.

    I have almost no downtime, and I have now moved two multi million dollars customers over to my VPS, since the services is top notch.

    The price is very good, but as you say, Powerpack and antivirus is some expensive. After I moved my two customers over, I have to pay $13/mo for SpamAssassin and Dr.Web, that around 30% price increase for me.

    But on the other side, my two customers pay for the entire VPS now, so I can not complain.
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