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    * looking for a reliable cheap offshore hosting

    i need a reliable cheap shared offshore hosting, company must be at least one year old with good reputation and 99.99 uptime,(for real, i can't afford downtimes )

    my needs are 20gb hdd, 200 gb of bandwidth, cpanel with fantastico.

    price 6$ per month

    i'll be hosting an adult image hosting site and i might want to expand to a vps if the site grows

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    Does "offshore hosting" and "good reputation" ever belong in the same sentence? Your budget is not adequate for your needs. Offshore tends to charge more because of the stigma of offshore. As for adult image, get yourself ready to pay for a clerk and get all your 2257 paperwork ready!
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    Am curretly hosting the following site there

    They have fast server and fast internet speed only think i don't like about them is the support

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    @userkiller altushost look good but they are a little bit out of my budget, i have been with scorpiohost for 2 months now using their 2nd plan which is higher in disk space and and bandwidth and cost only 4$ but they seem to have those silly downtimes in rush hours and that i can't bear cause it makes me lose money

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