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    European server

    Hi i was looking for a European server for my site. My site will be deployed using joomla so my criteria will be :
    Big European server with approximately daily backups,
    small response time,

    For the time i am hosted by servage [dot] net, but they are expiring some problems and their respond time from the sql server is very slow try for youselves, www [dot] caretta [dot] gr

    Could you suggest me one please.
    Please pm me if possible.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Hi Peter,

    There are a lot of hosts offering EU hosting in the Web Hosting offer section at the bottom

    Do you have a price in mind?

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    Scott thank you for your answer.
    I don't want to exceed 120 Euros approximately. I checked the offer section at the bottom but mostly they were American servers and as i told you i wanted the servers to be European.


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    I take it you're looking for shared hosting? €120 per year or am I way off?

    How much space and BW are you looking for? Do you have a European country in mind or are you happy with using the UK.

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    In the offer section there are plenty european hosts. If you need english speaking support i would stay around the UK, NL or DE located providers they usually offer support in english.

    As you are from greece you likely have the best connection towards germany, but you could do some tests to see what is closest to you.

    Joomla should be no problem for most of them; just make sure you do not go with an oversold hosts as you will face the slow sql sooner or later.

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    I think you should check

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    I suggest OVH they have really come on recently they have a sister company "kimsufi" and they sell from 19.99 per dedi

    They also have a great server control panel with instant reboots and reloads

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    Are you looking for a dedicated server ? A vps server? Shared Hosting? Reseller Hosting? Please let me know.

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