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    * Looking for Partner/Investor 50-50 (CD-Keys)

    Hello everyone, I am working on creating a website that will specialize in CD Keys. This site will purchase CD-Keys at wholesale (bulk) and will sell to match competitor price. I am in need of an Investor/Company/Partner, whom will split the expenses with me 50/50. Once the break-even point has been achieved, the profits will be split 50/50. The CD Keys will be for products like "Call of Duty 4", "Diablo 2" "WoW - 60 Days" etc... You get the point

    I need someone that can help with a Design with a ecommerce script, or can code & design a custom one. Please send me a message by one of the following ways:

    AIM: cooljn919
    MSN: [email protected]
    Email: [email protected]

    Looking to start immediately.


    Jon Beard

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