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    WHMcs Server Add

    How can I add my server so that then when a client signs up and pays the WHMcs auto makes the account? I entered the ip and server info but it says error still.. IT says could not be made. Could soemone show me a tut on how to add the packages and make them work and add the server?

    When I go to get to WHM from whmcs it lets me so that has to mean everything is added right right? Its just maybe the plans?

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    What is the error WHMCS is giving you? Make sure you have filled in the server IP, selected cPanel as the server type, entered the server's root/reseller password or server hash, and entered default nameservers.

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    Make sure package names are in module section are exactly same as on server side and also check access hash is same. You can check if whmcs connects to server at setup/servers page you will see control panel icon

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    Make sure you actually run a legit version of WHMCS - That could help. Reported to WHMCS that your using a illegitimate version of WHMCS.

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    Thats a big no no, running an illegal WHMCS (nulled), care to explain?

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