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    Question Need help to copy my webmail sent messages to outlook or incredimail?

    Hi there,

    I am using CPanel,I have thousands of messages and it takes time to access them via webmail; I have moved all inbox mails to Outlook but I am looking for a solution to upload my sent messages to Outlook so that I 'll never have to use webmail.

    Thank you in advance.

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    if you use outlook to send the emails then they should be in your outlook's sent folder. unless you mean something else.

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    To my knowledge, it's not possible to sync messages that you've sent through your cPanel webmail to your "Sent Items" mailbox in outlook unfortunately.

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    Use IMAP protocol, then from your remote/IMAP Sent Folder move/drag all your sent mails to your local Sent Folder, once done remove the IMAP account from your Outlook.
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    To add to vinsar's suggestion: you can copy the entire folder instead.

    Try this way:

    Open your Send/Receive group (Alt-Ctrl-S, select the group, click Edit),
    select your IMAP account and make sure the option to download the entire
    body of the message is checked and not just "Download headers".

    Outlook uses a local PST folder cache to hold IMAP messages that get
    downloaded, somewhat like it keeps a local cache for an Exchange account.
    If you have Outlook download the messages in the folders then they should be
    available offline.

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