Hi to all,

Why do you have to choose HugeServer ?

* HugeServer has a vision of offering high quality hosting with affordable pricing for each customer.
* You can expect to receive the personal support that is hard to find anywhere else.
* Rest assured, our support quality does not deteriorate with an increase in customers.
* Unlike other budget hosting companies, the price you pay DOES NOT determine the service you receive.
* We dare to be different so our goal is to become more unique than any other hosting company you are used to!
* We do not resell hosting so you are dealing directly with top notch support.
* We take backups from your host every day.
* All of our servers include a 99.9% uptime guarantee at Germany Datacenters.

The first plan :
Disk Space: 2000 Mb
Data Transfer: 20,000Mb monthly (
Addon Domain: 3
Park Domains: 3
Control panle : Cpanel
Monthly Fee: $5.95
Yearly Free: $45.95

The second plan :
Disk Space: 5000 Mb
Data Transfer: 50,000Mb monthly
Addon Domain: 4
Park Domains: 4
Control panle : Cpanel
Monthly Fee: $7.95
Yearly Free: $75.95

Server Informatin :
Cpu : Intel Core 2 Quad 4 * 2,4 Ghz
Ram : 8Gb DDR2
Hard : 2 * 400Gb Sata
Uplink : 100Mbps

<a href="http://hugeserver.com/linux-share-hosting.html" target="_blank">http://hugeserver.com/linux-share-hosting.html</a>

Speed Test :
Test-IP :
Test-File : http://HugeServer.COM/Test/Test100MB.zip

Terms of Use : http://hugeserver.com/terms-of-use.html
Support Team : http://hugeserver.com/support.html

If you have any question, we are ready to answer that.
Support (at) HugeServer (dat) com