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    Some help in dns (using direct admin)

    Hi everyone,
    Well what i can i say that direct admin is really pain in the ass, twice i asked in their forum but it was queued for moderation then not published. i'm having a problem setting up my domain 100% correctly.

    let me explain more:
    Before 1 or 2 weeks, i re-build the server and installed direct admin, but its really harder than other panels and i couldn't figure it 100% how to do,
    my website now is running but i have the following problems

    1- domain name can not be solved by all people. when i try to ping it it says its not resolvable, while the domain opens for most of users except for very few which gives an error saying can not connect to server
    2- i get this error when using
    while everything else is ok
    3- some of users in some countries access home/admin/domains/sharedip/... while others access home/admin/domains/ which is the correct one, this causes problems but i temporary solved the problem by uploading files into both folders

    so what is the wrong guys, can anyone help please??

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    You say the domain name cannot be resolved by all people, do you mean that some people can resolve it and others can't?
    If that's the case then something is wrong with your dns server.

    If you mean that no one can resolve the name, then your dns records are setup incorrectly, or your domain isn't forwarded to your DNS servers.

    For users to access files/folders through HTTP, the configuration has to be setup correctly. I haven't used direct admin myself so i'm not sure about that.

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    I have to say that DA are the best control panel , I hope that I can clarify some question.

    First you create your server, it should be ""
    after that you add your domain from the USER LEVEL, should be ""

    Add your IP adress at the "ADMIN LEVEL", you need at minimum two ip.
    From the "RESELLER LEVEL" share two ip", then (under "NAMESERVERS"),
    add your own name servers, NS1... and NS2 ....

    Don't forget - from you domain provider - point to you new ns servers, something look like "Child Name Server "

    Then, from "ADMIN LEVEL", DNS ADMINISTRATION, add "reverse IP"
    and check "recursive lookups",

    If you need more help, give me an pm.

    good luck.

    / Gunnar
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