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    How does Domain Reselling work?

    Hi guys, if you hadn't seen in the web hosting tips forum I think, I'm looking to start a small client-only webhosting company. I'd like to know how I could sell domains. Is it that I have to go to some company to go buy a domain? How much are domains anyway?

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    You can easily get yourself a domain reseller account - the two main players you will see discussed in the forums are Enom and ResellerClub (Directi).

    With some providers, if you purchase their web hosting reseller account, you can get yourself a FREE domain reseller system which will be what you require. Domain reselling for web hosting providers normally is provided as a "service" - i.e. there is not much money to be made from it, however, it is a service you would be offering your clients / customer base.

    Hope that helps.

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    Does a reseller account cost me anything if I'm not selling any domains?

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    I am hearing there are free reseller accounts but usually they don't offer competitive prices. Most resellers have something called "slabs" where you put a deposit in your account and depending on how much you pay upfront you get better buy rates.

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    Generally, reseller accounts won't cost you a penny if you not selling and domains .. however, this varies from provider to provider
    Quote Originally Posted by Iflymyhelishigh View Post
    Does a reseller account cost me anything if I'm not selling any domains?

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    I would try reseller club. Their system covers layered reselling of domain names and comes with a user interface that you can simply use to sell domains.
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    Enom will cost you upfront, and I believe it's quite expensive. A lot of web hosting companies that offer reseller hosting will also give you an enom account with your reseller account. (another way to get it)

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    Every reseller have it's own rules. will require you to prepay credit for bulk buys and bill users at your own while for ex. GoDaddy (WildWestDomains) will handle everything for you.
    Some registes charge more or less for certain domains and some even charge the application fee.

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    Enom is pretty rock solid, many people can set you up with an account free.
    I would tend to keep your domain & hosting providers seperate, rather than being tied into 1 company for both.
    Just my thoughts.

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    I'm looking to get sell up to $2000 of unused enom credits at value if anybody is interested... please PM.

    Yes, it will come in the form of a $7.95 reseller account. There's no profit in it for me, just getting rid of old credits that's been sitting there for years from my old hosting company.

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    you can refer to list of domain reseller registrars created by one of WHTer here at

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