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    Panasonic Toughbook - BSOD problem

    My Toughbook CF-29 has just started causing grief with a BSOD every time it's switched on.
    The OS loads and icons are displayed on the screen as normal but while the drive is still 'whirring' the BSOD appears:-
    blah, blah
    *** STOP: 0x0000000A (0x017F0304, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x804D9B64)
    blah, blah
    I can get into Safe Mode fine but can't see anything useful to do there! I've tried removing some software but uninstaller in Safe Mode just reports script errors and doesn't work.

    It's a Toughbook CF-29 Pentium M 1300MHz with 760 MB of RAM - it's running Windows XP Pro V2002 Service Pack 3
    - fitted with usual hard drive and floppy drive.

    No new hardware or software has been installed recently and the drive and RAM has been removed, checked for dust/debris etc and blown clean.

    Don't know what else to do so would appreciate some pointers from you guys.
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    I have exactly the same with a CF-T2 - did you ever get it diagnosed/fixed?

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    How long have you had it? The ram could be going bad if its old or your hardrive could be going out of it, might wanna check those 2 first on this one.
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    It's a good few years old now - I was worried it might be the HD (scandisk picked up a few bad clusters), but after a day of faffing I finally sussed it out. It's only the Intel Proset WiFi drivers!

    I noticed that when I got it to load windows - it always crashed when the wireless was trying to get IP address etc.

    I went to the toughbook driver site and noticed in the description of the proset drivers that it mentioned fixing BSOD issue... I reckon it is a problem with the old drivers trying to lock onto a Wireless-N network and failing in an epic way.

    So - that's my top tip for the day if you are getting BSOD on one of these old netbooks.
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