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    Who loves Opera and why?

    Well, the title said it all already. I actually use Chrome, as its lighting fast, but there is something still inside me that keeps me pulling back to Opera. Dont even mention Firefox, I don't use it 2 years now and I never regret it. No more slow loads (compared to Chrome or Opera) nor more waiting on cold starts, and NO more crashes, and no more RAM eating sucker !!! I just hate Firefox and so many ways now. It was really incredible in his first days, it was so fast against Explorer. Today it is no match for this 2 friends.
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    I use opera mini on my mobile phone, works great.

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    I love Opera on linux, and Chrome on windows. Firefox + linux just don't work together happily... ever. But yeah, Chrome, I love that lil bugger. Can't wait for Chromium to come out of beta so I can nab that for my linux machine.

    Opera vs. Firefox (Linux, on my computer at least. Your results may vary)
    1. Opera uses less resources than firefox
    2. Opera doesn't randomly hang like firefox
    3. Opera is faster than firefox
    4. I can install java myself into Opera in less than a minute. (Manually installing the java plugin for firefox is a lost cause.)
    5. Opera is pretty well organized. I've been able to find everything from cookies, to blocking ads, to viewing and going to my history very easy. Firefox can often be a bit odd to navigate, as things are not always obvious.

    Oh, and I originally (on Windows) ditched firefox for Chrome because firefox had just gotten so slow from version 1 to 3. The latest update really boosted its speed, but Chrome is still my new favorite.

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    I never tried Chrome or Opera but I will now. Thanks.

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    I love Opera and people who post in the correct forum
    What's your budget?

    Seriously, what's your budget?

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    I love using Opera, it even has it's own IRC client.
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    I love Opera, especially the "Quick Dial" type setup and the fact is remembers passwords but doesn't make them visible, unlike FireFox!

    Love the Wand feature to auto-fill tool. LOVE the browser!
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    For anyone who doesn't know you may try

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    I used to love Opera Winfrey....the slimline version that is....not the bloated one with all the add ons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RossMAN View Post
    I love Opera and people who post in the correct forum
    Thats why I used the Lounge, I did not know Opera was classified into "Computers and Peripherals", I thought it was software...

    Back to the topic.

    The thing I love the most of Opera is that its the only browser multi platform. That means I can use Opera anywhere.

    *On my TV, Opera is inside the Wii.

    *On my Windows laptop PC you have Opera Win.

    *On my Linux server/desktop you have Opera Linux.

    *On my phone you have Opera mini and Opera Mobile.

    I use Mini when I want to save on cell carriers data expenses, and mobile when im connected to Wifi (yes my phone has wifi)

    Now the new Opera mini is impressive really. It even has tabs.

    What I love about all this, that its the same browser on each platform. That cannot be said for Firefox. Firefox on Linux is really a cheap version of the Windows, it doesn't have all the features. Opera is the same, all the features you have on the TV, you have on Windows and Linux. Impressive. Even the mobile one is almost the same.

    I also like the features it has. You lock a tab or make it reload each xx seconds. Great for NOC centers that monitor things online.

    Its stable, secure and fast.

    Here are the things I don't like as much:
    It was the faster until Chrome came. Now Chrome is really the fastest little bug.
    Chrome used the full screen but Opera 10 you can turn off the menu and you have the same look.
    Opera does have some bugs with some websites. But its fault of lazy webcoders, its not the browser but still its annoying sometimes.
    Opera boots slower with Kaspersky. Yes. It takes 10 seconds. When I turned KIS off, it take 3. I also noticed Opera boots in 2 seconds in XP and its takes 1 or 2 seconds more in Vista. This is important for me since when I click links I just hate to wait to the browser to start and load the url. Chrome wins here, it takes 1 second.
    Sometimes Opera loads wrong images on the wrong places. I saw this on several computers and on several different broadband connections. It also sometimes doesn't update changes, its annoying if you are updating a website.

    Now here comes something I would like to know which browser is eventually going to be the same. I would like to store some logins in the browser, just basic ones, like WHT logins, but I don't trust browsers, as all the logins can be read if someone has access to the system. I would like to know which is probably the browser that encrypts this with a general password, or which one would be the one that is qualified as safe. Chrome is suppose to be the most secure browser right now but im not so sure anymore.

    The other thing I don't like from Opera, is that its not so popular, so you cannot find many softwares that are integrated with it. And for the people that say Opera doesn't have plugins, it has something even better. Widgets. I just love those. You can run the widget right on your desktop, outside the browser, I just love that, and specially that it doesn't slow it down no matter how many you install. Widgets are allot better then plugins, they don´t fill the browser and they can run outside of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenjpet View Post
    I never tried Chrome or Opera but I will now. Thanks.
    That was a rather worthless post to make... Eitherway, I'll use it every once in awhile when I want to be on two different Twitter or YouTube accounts at once. (You can only be logged into one at a time per browser.)
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    I use opera every now and again to test sites I build... along with chrome and FF. I mostly use IE.

    Opera never caught on with the majority of tech guys since it was a paid app for so long. You could receive a free version, if you wanted to look at banner ads all day.

    Opera buzzed along until FF came along... opera should have been FF from way back... actually, opera should have much higher standing in the tech community... and should have a larger share of installs. Should... I should be in space right now. FF showed the opera team what was possible.

    Instead, their management team relied on gimmicks. They still do... Turbo boost? I heard the beta name for Opera's Turbo Boost was "Hasselhoff." rofl


    All that aside, I do like the browser... it always shows my sites correctly and never provides trouble. Actually, I browsers pretty much show sites as they should now... it is a great thing... spending less time in code mucking around trying to force something... better time creating stuff and pushing the code.
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    I have to say, I like the caching in Opera and the nearly infinite tabs without bogging or crashing my machine. I used it mostly to play an internet based strategy game. The multiple tabs, script shortcuts and easy single key shortcuts to move between the tabs helped immensely for what I was using it for.

    That being said, Opera does seem to have some issues with certain apps like live chats. It will run them, but it seems to like to miss the first response or two. You open a chat, the person on the other end says "hello", but you never see that. After that, it seems to work fine. This may be an isolated experience, but it's only fair to state possible drawbacks in addition to praise.

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    Well, its actually strange it did not caught up on the tech community. But the % that uses Opera are actually computers persons. I heard Opera is very strong in Asia, and it seems in Europe it also has some market. But it doesn't have any penetration in the rest of the world.

    FF was really incredible when it came up, it was so amazing to browse fast pages. But Chrome is really the king now in speed. Its just so amazing fast, there isnt any one that can catch on it.

    I dont like to use a Google company product, that means, Google has enough of market already in everything but I do see quality and I recognize it and Chrome is an amazing browser and its just 1 year old.

    We run some monitoring systems, they are very heavy on ajax, scripts, etc and its just amazing how Chrome runs them. It looks like a local app on full screen, you dont even see the stats reloading at all. And must important, its able to keep up for weeks without crashing. To be honest I did not tested in Opera yet, but we needed something fast to reload stats every 30 second on several screens. We had Safari before and it was crashing every 2 days.

    Firefox is also not able to keep up as it gets a resource hog after several hours open (with 0 plugins). So its a nice browser to navigate webpages, but thats it, it cannot be used as a full application browser, it just crashes to much when its under heavy load and its not stable to be run days or week without restarting it.

    Google has the right approach with Chrome, if they are going to build it on top of a Linux hypervisor and make it the main tool for a whole OS then I assume its prepared exactly for this. To be used for applications running on the cloud. Nice there Google. I just hope they don't force us one day to their applications only. So far Chrome is amazing in stability and speed. Lets see how it goes with it has more features. Example, you can install a skin now on Chrome, on the stable version and I already see it take 1 more second to boot up, so lets see if Google is able to maintain the same speed Opera has once they start blooding it with things. Thats what surprises me with Opera, it has most functions built it and it doesn't sacrifice at all the speed for it. I can read RSS directly on the screen and it can download bit torrents directly, not that I use those functions but its nice that a browser recognize most formats directly without relying on external softwares.
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    It almost seems like the mobile versions of Opera are more popular than the desktop versions. Is this true...? Or is my perception incorrect?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike - Limestone View Post
    It almost seems like the mobile versions of Opera are more popular than the desktop versions. Is this true...? Or is my perception incorrect?

    Yes, the mobile version is WAY more popular, it has millions of users. Actually Opera is the leader in mobile browsers. Safari is only for the iphone, so that leaves a big market for all other phones. Opera Mini is Java and Opera Mobile is a full features browsers way better then Safari for iphone.

    I use both. Actually you are right on your statement, there are more people that actually use the desktop because they knew Opera from their phone version. I confirm this on our webstats, 95% of mobile users are on Opera. Firefox doesn't even have a phone browsers and Explorer in Windows mobile sucks.

    Its also nice to have all your favorites on the phone as well, since it can synchronize you browser data with your desktop version. This is where I see a strong point for Opera. You can switch devices and the data will always be there.

    Opera has the biggest market share in phones.

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    i love opera doesn't randomly hang like firefox and faster than firefox

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