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    Advice and Questions on a new Business

    I have been putting together ideas, documents, etc. for almost a year now for almost every aspect of starting a game servers hosting business. I have 4 years experience with running game servers, and I am now pretty familiar with WHMCS, TCAdmin, and everything else necessary panel wise.

    My questions come to you on the actual business startup part of this venture. Just from reading and asking around. This is obviously an online business, but I will be starting it in Florida, so all of these questions pertain to Florida.

    1) EIN - One of the first things I did was file for an EIN, as obviously it is bad to use your SSN for a business.
    2) LLC - I have not yet formed this as I wanted to ask a few questions first. Im almost positive an LLC is the way to go with this business, but I have seen some people suggest Sole Proprietorship for new webhosting business's. Am I right in going the LLC route for this? If so, is there any problem with me putting myself as the Registered Agent?
    3) Business License - This is what I am most confused on. Do I need a business license to legally start renting to clients? I have read some responses on this forum that said it is not required, but I would like to make sure.
    4) Are there any other important forms required when setting up? From what I have read the EIN/LLC is the most important, but I feel like I am forgetting something.

    LLC Form:

    I believe this is the form I need to fill out for the LLC. It also offers me a Certified Copy for 30$ and a Certificate of Status for 5$. Should I get these? (I have no idea what they are)

    I think thats about it, I appreciate the help!

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    Please feel free to tell me to 'bog off' because I'm in the UK and hence have no idea of Florida Law, rules & regulations.

    Anyway firstly well done for doing your homework so far.

    It sounds to me like your at the stage where you need to cultivate some professional contacts, such as [using uk terminology], Bank Manager, Accountant / Tax advisor, lawyer, etc. These [and others] are people you need at some stage, I consider it is best to cultivate them early, so that when you need them in real earnest, you've allready built up some mutual trust.

    Good Luck
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