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    pptp support on windows VPS


    We have one windows VPS installed on hypervm.
    Now client want to enable pptp or VPN on windows VPS?
    Is it possible? And if to enable it?

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    Yes its possible to install a VPN on a Windows VPS,

    Did you ask your provider to install it for you?

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    Can you tell me how?
    What is the procedure?

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    The following link may help you

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    If you are using virtuozzo you need to get your host to install this. VPN is possible.

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    Hello Geekdana,

    I already have gone through the url provided by you but after that i could not able to connect VPS from RDP unless and until i stop RRAS service.

    Is there anything we need to do on main node (on which my vps is created)?

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    It is necessary to enable VPN modules on windows vps from the main hardware node. Contact your provider to do it.

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    That is what i am to add the VPN module on main hardware node? I have access to main node so i can do it.
    Can you please tell me what exactly i have to do on main node?
    We do use hypervm as vps control panle? So?

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    I am not sure whether hypervm supports vps, but I know that virtuzzo supports vpn and it can be enabled using the command( in h/w node)
    vzctl set 101 --vpn on --save (replace 101 with your veid)
    vzctl restart 101

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    Hello, query is regarding windows VPS and not with openvz.
    If anyone know about windows VPS + pptp or VPN setup then please let me know.

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    Are you trying to setup a pptp vpn server on your Windows virtual machine or connect to a vpn server from your vps?

    I dont have any experience wih virtula machines on hyperVM. We use VMware's vSphere.

    In a vmware environemtn there are no restrictions to what you can install and run from a applaiction point of view. So in this enviroment I would isntall RRAS Routing and remote access server. This is part of Windows Server.

    The normal windows pptp client can we used to establish outbound connections.

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