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    Post php welcome email script

    Awhile back there was php script to generate a welcome email for a new hosting account. Anyone recall this or know were I can find it.

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    Search google for php send mail script , u'll find it

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    Did that already could not find the specific script.

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    kipper01, usually this feature is integrated with billing & automation systems like WHMCS/ClientExec etc there are some free one too I think.

    So can you describe a bit from your memory what was that script like, was that something that will take in the client's details, domain name, hosting package will create the account and will send email, or was it different. Was it a paid one or a free one.
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    this is website that you could download it from:

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    Have you tried contacting the content provider and ask them if they maybe moved the content? since i'm getting an 404

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