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    Logo Design Needed ASAP if not sooner!


    I'm in a bit of a bind as my previous designer seriously dropped the ball.

    I need a logo designed for a business I am starting specializing in IT services (web hosting, design, network projects, consulting on projects, etc.).I have clients lined up and waiting to go, but no logo to use for my company.

    Colors are not an issue. I am looking for something very clean and professional, with font that stands out, but not more for being professional looking than for being crazy. A small image incorporated would be a nice touch as well. This design is potentially going to use use on letterhead, business cards, etc some long way down the road so that could be a concerns as well.

    I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton of info needed by a potential designer. Please respond with portfolio, pricing, and how long to completion time (assuming minimal revisions and such). Budget is a concern as always so please keep that in mind. But high quality and speed are the most urgent here.

    Please feel free to contact me at josh AT for any info or to show your porfoliio. Feel free to respond to this thread as well as I will be checking it often. Also, it would be a plus to find someone who wcould be available for a long term relationship business wise as needed when such situations for logos and/or graphics arise.

    Thanks and I look forward to working with you!

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    check my logo portfolio here : i have added you to aim to discuss further if you like my work.

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    I'm definitely interested. However, I dindt receive your request on AIM. Mu username is jdotmil on there. I'm online now if you'd like to discuss it further.

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    One offer received, still open for others who may be interested as we would like to have several to choose from.


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    38 Im looking for logo projects atm

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    kyee, your web designs look great. But I didnt see any logo examples?

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    Thankks to all of you, but this logo has been contracted out. I have bookmarked and added many of your contact info into our database for future reference. With the work our company does it's not unusual to require 4-6 design contracts a month, so I hope to be working with some of you in the future.

    Thanks again for your time!

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